Affected by the Wirecard Scandal?

Thousands of people have been left worried about their banking accounts and money today due to the collapse of Wirecard (Friday 26th July 2020).

  • Has your banking account been affected by the Wirecard scandal?
  • Is your account now frozen?
  • What help is available?
  • What to do next.

Banks and Alternative Banking Affected by Wirecard

Below are some of the known fintech companies and alternative banking solutions that have been affected.

  • Pockit
  • Curve
  • Card One
  • Tuxedo

What to do if you have been affected?

  • Check your emails for any correspondence from your bank, some of the named companies above have advised customers to use an alternative means of payment for the moment.

“Following the shutdown of Wirecard Card Solutions Limited by the Financial Conduct Authority, Curve customers have today been informed that they are likely to see a temporary disruption to their service and are advised to carry an alternative payment method,” a statement from the company reads.” – Barry Collins, Forbes.

“A customer of Pockit told me his card was declined when trying to pay for petrol today and that the police were called because he was carrying no alternative means of payment.” – Barry Collins, Forbes.

  • Firstly, you’ll need to open a new account with a trusted banking company as soon as possible. Preferable an account that you can open instantly so that you can move your money over to your new account as soon as possible!
  • Supply your source of income with your new account details (bank name, bank address, account number and sort-code) whether that is your employer, recruitment agent or local authority.
  • Update any direct debits and standing orders you had in place with your old account to your new account.

Suits Me®

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Suits Me® is not associated with Wirecard in any way and as such has not been affected by this scandal!

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