On the face of it, an e-money current account might not seem all that different from a high street bank account. Most e-accounts will use Visa or Mastercard and the debit card can be used to make purchases in-store or online, via the usual chip and PIN terminals. Some e-money current account providers have even started to allow for contactless payments.

Before anyone can start spending on a Suits Me card, it must have been loaded. This money can either be transferred from a different account by the user themselves, or be transferred by the user’s employer to directly pay their wages. There is usually a cap to the amount that can be loaded into an e-money current account, as well as no allowance for any credit.

So, why could a Suits Me card be right for you?

Easier to Stick to a Spending Budget

Creating a household spending budget can be easier than sticking to it. It is often recommended that those on a tight budget take out the cash for their everyday spending, rather than pay for their purchases on the card, in order not to lose track of their spending. However, paying with cash is not always convenient and it can be risky to take out large amounts of cash in one go. By loading a Suits Me card you have the same security of not spending more money than you’d like to, but without the burden of having to carry cash with you at all times.   

Enjoy Discounts or Cashback

Suits Me will offer you a discount when you pay for a purchase with one of the retailers signed up to Suits Me. Suits Me also offer a range of cash back schemes. Cashback rewards mean that a percentage of the amount spent in-store is paid back to the cardholder, which can lead to big savings on everyday spending.

You Don’t have a Bank Account

It’s estimated that there are a million people in the UK who don’t have a bank account. For many, including temporary workers who are new to the country, a Suits Me card could offer a good alternative. This way, workers aren’t left at the mercy of high street banks and wages can still be paid quickly and easily.

The Visa debit card offered by Suits Me can be used in all the usual places, also providing online banking facilities and the opportunity to receive cashback in a number of UK high street stores.

If you would like to know more about the Suits Me card, or if you are interested in offering a Suits Me membership to your employees, then visit www.suitsmecard.com or contact us on hello@suitsmecard.com

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