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BREXIT: A Suits Me® Consumer Poll

On the lead up to the March Brexit deadline Suits Me® asked our community of account holding customers to answer a six question survey.

Illustration: Union jack flag and EU flag made up of people in red, white and blue and yellow clothing wandering about

On the lead up to the March deadline, as Brexit gripped even the most ambivalent of political followers, Suits Me® asked our community of account holding customers to answer a quick six question survey. The results below make interesting, if not surprising reading. 


We are currently in the lead up to Brexit. How does this make you feel? (Tick all that apply)  

Confused 50, Nervous 20, Scared 8, Positive 20, I don't know/indifferent 15. (105 responses)


Do you feel confused over your settlement rights after Brexit?

Yes 61.54%, No 23.08%, Don't know 15.38% (104 responses)


Do you feel positive about your life in the UK after Brexit?

Yes 40.95%, No 33.33%, Don't know 25.71% (105 responses)


Are you worried about your future job prospects in the UK after Brexit?

Yes 62.26%, No 29.25%, Don't know 8.49% (106 reposes)


Do you feel your job prospects have been affected by the referendum in the past 2 years?

They have improved: 15.24%, stayed the same 38.10%, Got worse 14.29%, Don't know 32.28% (105 responses)


Are you more likely to consider employment in other European countries
(e.g Germany) following the UK’s withdrawal of the EU (Brexit)?

Yes 36.19%, No 38.10%, Don't know 25.71% (105 responses)

These results confirm that speculation and uncertainty is abound on both sides of the temporary labour market. Interesting times are sure to prevail in the remaining months of the extension, when we all hope for some clarity in the path ahead for the UK contingent working community.

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