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COVID Cancelled my Holiday – What are my Options?

Has your holiday been cancelled due to the coronavirus, let’s discuss your options!

Young woman getting ready for summer vacation but realising it's been cancelled due to COVID

Summer holidays may have seemed a long way off in early March when Covid-19 began to grip the world and shut everything down. 

Getting away in the summer was something to look forward to, but as the coronavirus crisis rumbles and many have seen their summer travel plans hampered, they have been left wondering ‘what do we do now?’

Here are some options which are open to you:

Get a Refund

Unsurprisingly, this is proving a lot less straightforward to do than it previously was. If you have a flight cancelled, you are entitled to a full refund. However, some airlines have cited the sheer volume of refunds currently being issued a reason for long delays. Rather than issuing refunds, some airlines are giving customers the choice of taking vouchers which they can then use to book flights at a later date.

If you have booked a package holiday through a travel company, and your flight and accommodation have been cancelled, you are also entitled to a full refund. Due to the different components of a package holiday, it may take a bit longer to get your refund.

What if I Booked to go on Holiday Before Restrictions have Been Reintroduced?

Many countries which are popular with UK holidaymakers have had restrictions imposed and the situations around quarantines guidelines are changing all the time. If you have booked to go to a particular country and it has then had quarantine restrictions imposed on it, you will be entitled to a refund if you don’t wish to travel.

Continually check the Foreign Office website for the latest travel advice as you don’t want to find out when you get to your destination, that you’ll be forced to quarantine for 14 days when you get back.

Will my Travel Insurance Cover Me?

If you have taken out travel insurance prior to the Covid-19 outbreak, there is a good chance that you will be covered against cancellation for unforeseen events. However, many insurance companies are now excluding COVID-related cancellations from their policies, as they argue that they are no longer “unforeseen”. Take the time to read your travel insurance policy to find out what your options are.

Move Your Holiday Forward a Year

Instead of issuing refunds, many airlines and travel companies are offering customers the change to their booking until later in the year. This means they can hold onto your money that bit longer and give you the option of getaway in late summer or early autumn. However, there is no guarantee that there won’t be further restrictions then, so this option may be a bit of a gamble.

Switch the Booking Until Next Year

Hotels and campsites in Europe have given customers the opportunity to move their whole booking to the same dates next summer in the hope that Covid-19 restrictions will be completely gone. If you are confident that this is the case and have already paid a deposit, this may be a good option. 

However, even if you have paid a deposit, you may not get your accommodation at the same price, with many companies increasing their rates for 2021 to make up for losses this year.

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