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Important Advice To Consider Before Travelling On Holiday

Things to consider before travelling abroad during the Coronavirus lockdown.

There are few areas of life which been more affected by the coronavirus outbreak than travel. When the UK went into lockdown in March, travel restrictions were focused mainly on public transport and how people got around towns and cities. 

However, as the situation worsened and it became clear that summer holiday plans would be affected, many holidaymakers had to start making decisions. For a lot of people in the UK who had already booked holidays abroad in 2020, the coronavirus crisis looked like it was seriously curtailing their plans. 

Holiday companies offered customers refunds or the chance to switch bookings until later on in the year or 2021. While many people have gained peace of mind from this, the travel companies themselves were facing a devastating financial hit.  

Some people, however, decided to hedge their bets and assess the situation closer to their scheduled holiday and with lockdown being lifted in a number of European countries, many have decided to go ahead with their original plans. If you are still planning to travel abroad, there are some things to consider before setting off. 

Check Foreign Office Advice

Your travel company may have informed you that your hotel or resort is open, but you will need to check the Foreign Office’s latest advice on travelling to that particular country. Have they advised against non-essential travel to your chosen country or will you be subjected to a lengthy quarantine period on arrival? 

Check Airline or Ferry Company Guidelines

While many airlines and ferry companies have resumed commercial travel, you may be expected to follow certain guidelines for travel. Some airlines may insist that you wear a face mask while travelling and some airlines and ferries may have considerably scaled back catering options on board. 

Check What Restrictions are in Place at Your Hotel or Resort 

While many holiday destinations are now open, they will some form of restrictions in place. This may be limiting the number of people in certain areas or setting time limits on the use of various facilities. It was a good idea to be aware of the steps taken at your chosen destination to allow you to prepare in advance. Will you be allowed to use physical cash or is it strictly debit card or credit card use only?


While many have changed holiday plans or delayed making them in the first place, the option of a short break at home is one which many are considering. The popularity of so-called staycations has rocketed with many restrictions on travelling abroad still in place or people’s reluctance to travel on planes and ferries. However, there are a number of things to consider before booking or going on a staycation. 

What Are the Local Guidelines? 

While large parts of the UK have allowed hotels, pubs and restaurants to reopen, many will have restrictions in place and the extent to which many facilities are open may vary between local authorities. Therefore, it is a good idea to check ahead to see what you can expect when you get there. 

Consider Somewhere Remote 

While a nice city break might appeal, choosing a short stay in the countryside may be a better idea. This will give you a better chance of maintaining social distancing while still being able to relax with friends and family. 

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