In these articles we share some handy tips and advice for ways to make your cash go further, build or re-build your credit score and manage your budgeting.

May 16

Getting rid of debt makes it easier to think clearly say researchers

If you’ve ever felt that you can’t think straight when you’re struggling with difficult debts, you’d be right. New research has revealed that debt adds a mental burden which makes it much harder to make decisions.

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May 7

Could you clear your mortgage early and save money?

If your mortgage is draining a vast amount of cash from your resources every month, the idea of being free from the commitment may sound almost impossible. However, many homeowners across the UK have been able to slash their outgoings by paying off their mortgage early.

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May 2

Credit card reward schemes may not be as good as you think

When applying for a credit card, many people look around for the providers that offer the best reward scheme, such as free air miles. However, while it’s tempting to get extras in return for spending, many reward schemes aren’t as good as they first appear.

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Apr 29

Your Credit Score - Understanding the Factors That Really Make A Difference

If you’ve got a good credit score, not only will you get your applications for credit accepted, you’ll also be offered the best deals. If you want to be accepted AND pay less interest along the way, improving your credit score is the answer.

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Apr 25

Sweatcoin - the digital currency which pays you for getting fit

Do you struggle to find the motivation to exercise? Well, there could be some good news heading your way with Sweatcoin, the system that gives our monetary rewards in return for exercise.

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Apr 22

New Shopping App Promoted By Snoop Dogg - Is It Causing More Debt For Millennials?

If you’re a Twitter regular, you might have seen the hashtag #Klarna trending, backed by big name rapper Snoop Dogg. A Swedish shopping app that’s aimed particularly at millennials, Klarna is offering customers a new way to pay but is it likely to lead to spiraling debts?

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Apr 18

Government Set To Clamp Down On Landlords Who Refuse Tenants On Benefits

If you’re in receipt of benefits and have tried to find a home to rent, the chances are that you’ve probably experienced plenty of barriers. Research suggests that a large proportion of landlords currently refuse to let their property to tenants who are on benefits.

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Apr 16

How to Save Money on Watching Movies - in the Cinema and at Home

With 2019 set to be the year where some major blockbusters are released, if you’re a movie buff you won’t want to miss out. However with cinema tickets now costing between £10-15 each, it’s not the cheap night out that it used to be.

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Apr 11

What You Need to Know About Getting a Smart Meter

Smart meters began to be rolled out across the UK in 2016 with the aim of getting every household who wants one fully kitted-out by 2020. According to sources from the government, this could mean as many as 30 million properties and 53 million smart meters.

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Mar 7

How to get the most out of your savings

For more than a decade, interest rates in the UK have been in the doldrums. This is great news for those on variable rate mortgages but not so good for those with savings. It’s now harder than ever to find an account which offers returns that exceed inflation.

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Dec 21, 2018

Payment Wallets – Your Cards In Your Phone

Smartphones now offer a way of making payments, that doesn’t mean carrying around a wallet or purse.

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