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Ways to Help Your Community During the Coronavirus Crisis

It is fair to say that we are currently living through a huge moment in history right now and while the coronavirus of 2020 will be etched into history books for years…

It is fair to say that we are currently living through a huge moment in history right now and while the coronavirus of 2020 will be etched into history books for years to come, many local and personal struggles often go unseen.

A lot of people are struggling with reduced incomes and restricted movement, while the situation hasn’t impacted as severely on others. If you are in a position to, it may be a good idea to help people in your local community at this time and here are a few ways you can do that.

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How to Help Your Community

Help Elderly or Isolated Neighbours with Shopping

Many older members of the community are lucky enough to have family living nearby, but many of them don’t and are reluctant to go out to shops. Keeping in touch with elderly or infirm neighbours can be very helpful at this time, while maintaining appropriate social distancing. Ask them if they need anything from the shops or need prescriptions picked up from the chemist.

While many retail businesses are operating delivery services, some elderly people may find it difficult to order online and so a helping hand is always appreciated.

You may also be able to help with odd jobs around their house, like cutting grass and watering flowers or even taking the time for a little chat to keep them connected to the outside world.

Support Local Businesses

Many of us will have found us shopping in smaller, local shops at this time. This could be due to the long queues at the big supermarkets, or because it is easier to observe social distancing and reduce your contact with others at smaller shops.

However, there is another reason to shop local and this is to help such businesses keep their heads above water at this difficult time. Large supermarket chains will survive the current crisis quite easily, and many are recruiting extra workers to cope with the upsurge in business. So, it is smaller businesses that need the most help right now.

You may not be able to pop along to your local hairdressers, coffee shop or favourite restaurant, but one thing you can do is purchase gift vouchers from them now which you can then use later on in the year when they are open again. This way, they will get some much-needed revenue to stay afloat so that they are available for you when you need to use them.

Cook Food for Essential Workers

Health workers and those who work in other essential services have been working long hours to make sure the rest of us can still go about our daily lives. Hospitals are strange places right now and although doctors, nurses and other health professionals have never been busy, many of them don’t have access to the catering facilities they are used to. Depending on your skill or confidence levels, why not cooks some meals or donate snacks for essential workers to show your appreciation and help keep them fueled up. 

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