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Are you a customer of Pockit, Card One Money, U Account, Curve or any other company involved in the Wirecard scandal?

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Opening a Suits Me® Account

Opening a Suits Me® account takes 3 minutes and doesn’t require National Insurance, proof of address or credit checks.

Once your Suits Me® account is open, you’ll receive your account details (account number and sort-code) and gain instant access to online banking and mobile banking apps so you can start using your new account to receive funds, make payments and set up direct debits and standing orders.

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To get the discount all you need to do is provide us with evidence that you have been affected by Wirecard’s collapse. You will get your first month free and your first load fee totally refunded.

After your application just send in any document or photographic evidence that shows you had an account with Pockit, Card One Money, U Account, Curve, Holvi, Tuxedo or any other company that used Wirecard’s services. Once we receive evidence you will be refunded in full.

Why Wirecard’s Online Accounts are Locked

As of Friday, June 26, Wirecard customers couldn’t make payments, receive any money transfers or use their MasterCard Debit Cards in stores or at ATM.

The FCA froze Wirecard’s UK licence following the company’s collapse into insolvency, all operations including services supplied to those companies remain suspended.

This followed accusations of fraud and Wirecard’s CEO being arrested.

Online bank accounts like Pockit, Card One and U Account use Wirecard to manage their customer’s online bank accounts. Their websites state that all customers’ accounts remain suspended with no set end date.

For thousands across the country who are often unbanked or underbanked, it means they cannot pay for essentials or access they wages which came in earlier in the week.

Small Businesses have also been affected, anyone using Curve, Holvi or Anna Banking for their business cannot accept customer payments or pay for expenses.

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If you qualify for the refund you will receive a refund of your first load fee (£9.97) and 1st Monthly Management fee (£4.97 / £9.97 dependent upon the Suits Me® account you open) after seeing proof of your Wirecard-managed online banking account or prepaid card.

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