Suits Me® Build Intuitive Customer Journey With Improved Flexibility

We’ve improved our onboard customer journey to make it easier and quicker to open an account with us 🎉

Award-winning alternative banking solution has partnered with leading Know-Your-Customer (KYC) tech provider, HooYu, to improve their customer onboarding journey.

(Cheshire, UK, January 19 2021) Going from strength to strength, fintech banking solution Suits Me® have partnered with HooYu to give customers a simpler, more intuitive journey when opening an account online. The two tech leaders have been working together for several months to test and refine the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) tools involved.

This testing period allowed Suits Me® to understand how the new user journey would work for their rapidly expanding customer base. This further ensured the new UI is in line with KYC compliance, along with streamlining the entire journey.  

The partnership between the two fintech’s began due to the careful consideration that had gone into preventing financial exclusion for those with visual or physical additional needs. Service and support are a high priority for Suits Me®. The tools implemented are designed to cater to each unique user that need varying levels of assistance when opening an account. 

This includes improved flexibility, giving users the option to re-visit their application later, as well as providing additional in-journey support and contact points.

HooYu’s biometric facial recognition is used to extract information from a simple selfie and ID documentation. Other than this, there is no step for applicants to have any checks carried out on their credit history. This guarantees access to money is accessible for all, including making it possible for people who may have a non-existent or poor credit history.

Suits Me® were among the first companies to implement the new UI and UX, which has now been rolled out and used by several other large banks, including NatWest.

Kim Roberts, Marketing and Communications Director at Suits Me® said: “The customer journey is essential for Suits Me® to ensure users aren’t confused or drop-off during the application process. We strive to make this process as efficient and accessible as possible. Having access to these tools has meant we have been able to enhance and improve our customer onboarding process, enabling users to quickly and easily complete their application and open their accounts than ever before.” 

David Pope, Marketing Director at HooYu added: “Working with Suits Me® we have been able to solve both sides of the customer onboarding equation by increasing the integrity of KYC and maximising the success rates of digital customer onboarding. It is more important than ever to give users the flexibility they need when opening an account, and this is what we have done.”   


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Kim Roberts
Marketing and Communications Director at Suits Me®

About Suits Me®:

Suits Me® are a hassle-free alternative to traditional banking, offering a current account with access to online banking, a mobile banking app and a contactless debit card. Suits Me® was founded in 2015 to provide a current account to customers who may have poor or no credit history, no proof of address or struggle to open an account with a traditional bank.

Currently operating in Cheshire, UK, Suits Me® gives people an alternative solution to a high street bank. Suits Me® do not perform credit checks and provides exclusive cashback rewards.  

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