Instant access to your money and benefits on demand whenever and wherever you need them.

How your account works.

  • Your money is loaded onto the card
  • Receive a text message when money arrives into your account
  • Use the card whenever you see the Visa sign
  • Manage your money through your online account
  • Put money aside with the Envelope facility allowing you to save
  • Secure E-account and Chip and pin security

Coming soon in 2019.

Immediate access to your money

Immediate access to your money and benefits accrued on demand.

Fully inclusive membership

99.8% of applicants are accepted with a UK address.

Accepted 24 million places worldwide

Our VISA debit card can be used in 24 million places worldwide, online or over the phone.

Cashback rewards and promotional offers

Exclusive access to cashback rewards with major high street retailers.

Suits Me card gives you a VISA card, secure 24/7 access to your money and cashback rewards, all with no credit checks and no hidden fees.

We are here to make things simple.

Suits Me believe that you work hard for your money, so we work hard to give you the customer service you deserve.
“It is a great help. Because it is almost impossible for foreign workers to open a bank account. I also have it. And I’m happy.
So far, they have been accepted everywhere. And problem free.” Pandora
“I like it very much, helped me enormously when I needed it, I answer very quickly to the problems that we have, you deserve 5 stars, thank you once again for your help!” Akexndru
“Very responsive to messages, good customer service.” Darius
“Great Customer Service, friendly and very helpful. Also love the possibility to have my account number and sort code created almost instantly. Dzieki” Piotr

Enjoy the benefits of cashback rewards when using your Suits Me card at selected retailers.

Get cashback when you shop in store or on-line

Earn extra cashback rewards when you use your Suits Me card with participating online and high street retailers for everyday items and special treats.

Find out more and see a full and up to date list of all retailers and their benefits here.

Quick and easy to apply – you can have your account details within 30 minutes, as standard.

We don’t believe in hidden charges.
Suits Me FREE UK services include:

To use at UK Point of Sale wherever you see the VISA sign.

Online account allowing you to securely keep track of your money wherever you are 24/7.

4 ATM cash withdrawals per month *
* Further ATM usage is available but is subject to a charge.

3 day money transfers to another UK bank account *
* International transfers available but charged.

Standing order to allow you to set up regular payments.

Additional money can be earned as a reward by shopping at selected participating shops and online.

Our UK chargeable services include:

Card replacement £5.00
CHAPS Same Day transfer from account £25.00
Next Day transfer from account £6.00

Our International service charges include:

EEA ATM cash withdrawal £2.24 (plus 2.35%)
EEA point of sale £1.97 (plus 2.35%)
Additional card fee £9.97
See the full listings of what is offered free and which services carry additional charges in the OUR FEES section.