We are here to make things simple.

From our simple application process to customer service and
the latest cashback rewards, we pride ourselves on giving you a
hassle free alternative that is better than traditional banking.

Don’t take our word for it, here are some of the things our customers have said:

I’m very happy to have a suits me card it is a great first card that can be used for online shopping and great cash back rewards when u do shopping in Asda. And the customer service is great as they have an multilingual speaker (Romanian and Spanish)

Alina C. 12/03/18

Best way if you are not a resident and need a bank account. Easy to use and great customer service with multilingual speaking.

Anghel O. 19/02/18

Alternativa simpla pentru servicii bancare. Nu necesita nici proof addres! Solicitarea cardului este foarte simpla si este usor de activat.

George H. 19/02/18

Am o parere foarte buna despre Suits Me. Ai o problema in legatura cu cardul? Apeleaza fara griji vor rezolva problema imediat. Multumesc.

Laura M. 18/01/18

It is a great help. Because it is almost impossible for foreign workers to open a bank account. I also have it. And I’m happy. So far, they have been accepted everywhere. And problem free.

Laila Q. 08/11/17

Best way to have an account if you are new in England, very quick, nice staff and there is always somebody to answer at your questions.

Ionita G. 20/02/18

Super ma rezolvat din prima.

Alexia C. 26/03/18

E foarte bun îl recomand.

Mihai M. 5/03/18

Professional service. Excellent contact and help!

Ewa Z. 26/01/18

Everyone is really nice and helpful! Yesterday evening and today here on Facebook, they solved my problem really quick!

Sara B. 12/03/18

I’m very happy and they [have] Good service as well.

Alexandra G. 15/02/18

the best :)

Romaryo R. 14/03/18

By using Facebook as our point of contact for customer services,
you can always get in touch with us if you have a problem.
We will sort out any issues in a fast, friendly and efficient way.