Who can use Suits Me?

We are doing our part to end financial exclusion, providing banking for everyone. To make sure everyone can have access to a modern banking account, we’ve made it fairer and easier for our customers to open their accounts, removing unnecessary barriers you might come across from the high street banks.

Open a Suits Me Account

Migrant workers, expats, people with poor credit history, international students or just people who want a no-nonsense UK banking account can open their accounts in minutes. Here’s a short list of the things we require.

Age and ID

You must be over the age of 18 to open a Suits Me account and have one form of photo ID, this can be a passport, driving license or national identity card if you’re an EU citizen.

We are partnered with the company Hooyu, specialists in customer identity verification. To verify your identity all you need to take a picture of your ID along with a selfie, these are then automatically compared to each other to verify the ID. Within 10 minutes your Suits Me account will be open. No long, drawn out waiting times for members of staff to manually check all your details.

When you open your account, we will only ask for one form of photo ID.

No Credit Checks

Suits Me doesn’t offer credit or borrowing facilities, because of this there’s no need for us to perform a credit check. Anyone recently bankrupt or just with a lower than average credit score will have no issue opening their Suits Me account.

You can have a fresh start with your Suits Me account and slowly rebuild your score, becoming less dependent on credit along the way.

No Proof of Address Required

We don’t require proof of address to open your Suits Me account, there’s no need to dig out an old tenancy agreement, mortgage statement or utility bill. This means anyone without a fixed UK address can get an account if they are in need.

To get your Suits Me debit card sent to you, you will need to enter an address. This can be the address of where you are temporarily staying, your place of work or that of a trusted friend. We do not send PIN information in the post along with your card due to our security precautions.

You will need to update your address whenever you move so we can contact you by post if needs be and to ensure any new cards reach you. This can be done via your online banking account or b contacting our customer care team.

Useful Information