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Open a Suits Me® account online in under 3 minutes and get your contactless prepaid Mastercard® card.

  • No credit check or proof of address
  • A prepaid Mastercard® debit card
  • Personal account with mobile and online banking

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What is a prepaid debit card?

A basic prepaid debit card is a payment card that isn’t linked to a bank account in the traditional sense. They’re usually basic ‘top up and go’ payment cards that can be loaded with money at a PayPoint location or via bank transfer. They’re called prepaid cards because you have to add money before you can use them. 

Unlike a credit card or a debit card with an overdraft attached, you can only spend as much money as you add to a prepaid cash card.

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Suits Me® is more than a basic prepaid card

Basic prepaid cards don’t come with extra banking features including Direct Debits (available with Premium and Premium Plus accounts), standing orders and bank transfers. But our prepaid Mastercard® debit card does – and lots more. It offers many banking like features that you would expect without offering a credit or overdraft facility. 

Once you open your account you will have access to all of our amazing features:

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Pick which account suits you best, and fill in our online application form.
We have two account options – ‘Premium’ and ‘Premium Plus’. You can find the account details on our Pricing page.

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Verify your identity

To ensure that your application is complete, we will need to verify your ID – don’t worry, this is not a credit check! All we need is a selfie and a picture of your Passport, Full UK Driving Licence or National ID

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Your Suits Me® application is now complete. You will receive an email confirming your account details, along with information on how to access your online banking.
And of course, your new contactless Mastercard® debit card will be with you in 3-5 days.

What are the benefits of our prepaid debit cards

Our prepaid money cards are great for lots of different people, from foreign nationals to freelancers and those who simply want to manage a budget. Here are five reasons to get yours:

  • Accessible: Unlike a traditional bank account, you can get a Suits Me® prepaid card with no credit check or proof of address. You’ll just need one form of ID or alternative proof, a selfie and less than 3 minutes of spare time!
  • Great for budgeting: Prepaid cards only allow you to spend as much as you add to them, so you can’t go overdrawn.
  • Secure: Prepaid debit cards are safer than carrying cash. Your money is protected by your unique PIN, and it’s easy to block and unblock your card in our app or online if you lose it.
  • Easy to top up: Adding money to your card is quick and easy. Top up with cash at over 28,000 UK PayPoint locations, get your wage paid in automatically, and receive UK bank transfers.
  • Easy to use: Use your prepaid Mastercard® card to pay in-store, online or over the phone. Add your card to Google Pay or Samsung Pay for contactless mobile payments. Withdraw cash securely from ATMs wherever, whenever.

How do cashback rewards work? 

Our prepaid account holders get fantastic benefits including cashback rewards. 

With our cashback programme, you get a percentage of purchases back with our partners when using your prepaid Mastercard® card to make payments. Those partners include Asda, Sainsbury’s, Argos, B&Q, Halfords, Pizza Express, and Yo! Sushi. 

Where can I use a prepaid Mastercard® debit card?

You can use our prepaid cards in lots of places, just like regular debit cards! We use the Mastercard® payment network, which means you can use it wherever you see the Mastercard® symbol. 

Our prepaid debit cards can be used in your favourite shops, restaurants, cafes and bars, on websites for online shopping and ordering food, ATMs for cash withdrawals and on lot of public transport services like the London Underground to name a few. 

You can use your card for both chip and PIN and contactless payments up to £100.


How can I add money to my prepaid account?

Got your card in the post? You can add money to your instant-use prepaid debit card as soon as you’ve activated it. Choose from three quick and easy ways to add money.

  1. Get your wages/salary paid in

Our prepaid card comes with an account number and sort code. Give these details to your employer and get your wages paid in automatically on payday. If you receive benefit payments, you can have them paid in too.

  1. Top up with cash

You can add cash to your card instantly at over 28,000 PayPoint locations across the UK, including convenience stores and off licences.

  1. Transfer from another account

Transfer money from another bank account. UK bank transfers are usually instant. You can also transfer from abroad with our partner available in the Suits Me® app.

There are limits to how you add money to your prepaid card, including a maximum balance of £10,000 for our Premium Plus account. Read more about ourprepaid account limits. 

Are prepaid debit cards secure?

Prepaid cards are a safer and more convenient option than carrying large amounts of cash or small change around. We’ll keep your Suits Me® card and account secure in other ways too, though:

  • We won’t send your prepaid debit card PIN by post
  • You’ll access your mobile banking app using a 5-digit PIN or your unique fingerprint
  • Enjoy secure online banking with full account encryption and site-wide HTTPS protection and SSL certification
  • Block and unblock your prepaid card instantly through online banking or your mobile banking app
  • We follow FCA guidelines by keeping your money in segregated bank accounts we can’t access
  • In the unlikely event we go out of business, your money will be protected by the UK Electronic Money Regulations 2011

Who can get a prepaid card with Suits Me®?

We don’t have the same strict criteria as some high street banks and we don’t offer credit facilities. That means we can offer prepaid debit cards for people that are new to the country, people with poor credit history and those going through an IVA to name a few.

Basically, anyone who might otherwise be financially excluded can get a Suits Me® prepaid card online! All you need is:

  • To be aged 18 or over to apply
  • To have a UK address so we can post your prepaid card (you don’t need proof of address documents to open an account)
  • To have one form of ID such as a full UK driving licence, passport or national ID card if you are an EU citizen

When can I start using my Suits Me® prepaid card?

You can start using your Suits Me® prepaid Mastercard® card as soon as you’ve received it in the post and activated it. Activating your card is quick and easy, whether you do it over the phone or through your online bank account. 

You don’t have to wait for your card to arrive to receive payments either. You’ll get your account details right away, plus instructions on how to set up online and mobile banking. 

Why open a prepaid account with Suits Me®?

Suits Me® is a happy midway point between a basic prepaid card and a high street bank account. We’re perfect for those needing a quick and simple banking solution and more than a basic top-up-and-go-style prepaid card.

We’re inclusive too. We offer a banking solution that is available to everyone, including:

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Our account holders love us, see how Suits Me® suits them