The business solution to ensure your workers are paid securely

Supporting clients in welcoming and onboarding International Healthcare workers.

Create an account in minutes prior to your worker arriving.

شریک با ما

Supporting clients in welcoming and onboarding International Healthcare workers.

Create an account in minutes prior to your worker arriving.

شریک با ما

دوست داشتنی و مورد اعتماد بیش از 130،000 مشتریان

Our simple to use Portal allows you to create an account in minutes with a UK sort and account number.

Access to a personal account prior to arrival allows your clients to receive any advanced payments safely and easily on day one of their arrival

A Mastercard contactless card will arrive within 24 hours to your specified business address, ready to be received by your client.

The simple and easy account for your staff. Ensure your workers are paid safely and securely into an account that is set up in their own name.

حمایت از نیازهای کارگران و کسب و کار شما

Suits Me® is a multi-award-winning payment solution that provides your workers with an affordable e-money account that comes with all the essential banking like features. We support numerous business partners in the healthcare sector, who want to give their underbanked employees a modern experience, that keeps their wages safe and streamlines the payroll process as a whole.

بهترين قسمت؟ خدمات ما کاملا رایگان است، بنابراین شما نیازی به پرداخت چیزی برای ساده سازی روند پرداخت دستمزد کارگر خود را ندارد.

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مناسب من کارت® ضروری و برنامه بانکداری آنلاین

Benefits to you as an employer

Free access to our services

There is no cost to becoming a Suits Me® partner. Partner with us in minutes.

Create accounts for your workers

A guaranteed account if aged 18 or over, live in the UK and have a Passport.

Pay salaries and advance payments straight into individual’s accounts

Remove the need to keep cash on your premises, pay by cheque or go to a High Street Bank Branch. Use simple transfers from your business account to your clients personal account in a more auditable and compliant fashion.

Immediate access to a sort code and account number

Instantaneous creation of an account post submitting the registration form. Your employees will receive their Mastercard contactless card the next business day.

بروشورهای اطلاعاتی چند زبانه

Available in 19 different languages so staff are have user information for our simple to use App and online money account.

بدون هزینه های پنهان

ما کاملا شفاف هستیم بنابراین هیچ هزینه اضافی وجود ندارد

Benefits to your employers

Same features of a high street bank account

Our accounts are filled with amazing banking like features such as ATM cash withdrawals, Direct Debits, Standing Orders, Faster Payments, cheque cashing and Mobile App.

Next day delivery

Your employee can expect instant acess to a UK account with the card arriving the following day.


We are always offering a little more, with valueable cashback and discount rewards scheme.

Access to Mobile App

All account holders have access to an online and mobile app, so they can manage their money whenever, wherever.

Multi-lingual customer support

Support available in 19 different languages over the phone or by email.

بدون هزینه های پنهان

ما کاملا شفاف هستیم بنابراین هیچ هزینه اضافی وجود ندارد

What makes us different?

Suits Me started in 2015 specifically to address the delay and inconvenience that international healthcare workers were experiencing when opening bank accounts. Since then we have grown, considerably, but our core market remains employers and international workers who need an account into which to pay their wages.

Suits Me offers those employers and workers the following:

  • A simple account creation process.
  • 24 hour card delivery, so available to the account holder upon arrival
  • An account and a contactless card with banking like features
  • Unrivalled customer support available to the employer and workers in 19 different languages
  • And, of course, a great value card and account!

Is Suits Me Good Value?

We’ve always thought we are and now we’re proving it. New Consumer Duty Regulations introduced by the FCA mean that financial services businesses must now be able to demonstrate that they offer fair value, taking into account their fees and the features of their product.

  • The average tenure of an account holder is over 12 months
  • 1 in 3 would refer a friend

"ما شده اند کار با کت و شلوار من فقط® برای بیش از 2 سال در حال حاضر. ما یک سازمان بهداشت و درمان است که استخدام پزشکان بین المللی به کار در بیمه خدمات درمانی و سایت های بیمارستان خصوصی در سراسر انگلستان. ® پزشکان ما و ما را پیدا کرده اند کت و شلوار من حساب مناسب برای ورود خود را به بریتانیا به عنوان آنها می توانند یک حساب بالا و در حال اجرا به سرعت، به راحتی و با حمایت اضافی برای آنها به عنوان و در صورت نیاز، که بسیار مفید است به عنوان سردرگمی های فرهنگی وجود دارد زمانی که آنها در حال حل و فصل به نقش ها و زندگی خود را در انگلستان است. ویکی Wickenden شده است حمایت زیادی برای هر گونه مسائل و یا پرس و جو ما و همیشه اطمینان حاصل شود که هر گونه مسائل بی درنگ حل و فصل شده است. من مناسب® من برای سیستم سریع و آسان خود را برای دارندگان حساب و کارفرمایان همراه با حمایت از مراقبت از مشتری بزرگ شما دریافت توصیه, با تشکر از شما برای خدمات شگفت انگیز خود را!"

— دیزی, مدیر بالینی, RMO

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