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Business FAQs

About Suits Me®

Are Suits Me® a Payroll Service?

No, we are not a payroll service.

Are Suits Me® an employment agency?

No, we are not an employment agency.

Are there any costs involved to becoming a Suits Me® partner?

No, Suits Me® is a completely free service for businesses.

There are no hidden fees and you will never get charged for anything, including the use of our business portal, portal training, contact with your Suits Me® account manager etc.

There are never any fees from Suits Me® to businesses partnering with us.

How quickly can we get set up as a Suits Me® Partner?

Within minutes. Simply contact us via phone or email to start the process.

Phone: 01565 745659

Is Suits Me® FCA Approved?

Suits Me® e-money accounts and Mastercard® debit cards are issued by PrePay Technologies Limited.

PrePay Technologies is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for issuing electronic money and is a member of Mastercard®. PrePay Technologies Limited Firm Reference Number: 900010.

I’m currently with another provider, how easy is it to switch to Suits Me®?

If your current provider is isn’t as efficient as you’d like or maybe you want a little more control, we welcome you to Suits Me®. Just like the rest of Suits Me®, we have made switching to us very easy in a three step process.

1. Read and sign the agreement between your business and Suits Me®

2. Receive training on the business portal

3. Upload workers

Once you become a Suits Me® partner, you will be assigned a business account manager and they will help you in any way you require. Your account manager can visit you at your place of work or communicate via email, phone or Skype or should you wish, you are more than welcome to come and visit us. We always welcome businesses to visit us and meet our team.

If you have lots of workers, we can help you with a bulk upload straight into your Suits Me® business portal. Your workers accounts are then created within 20 minutes with instant access to their account number and sort code, online money facility and free mobile app and they will then receive their contactless Mastercard® debit card within 3-5 working days.

What are the benefits of becoming a Suits Me® Partner?

There are many benefits to being one of our partners;

  • No cost
  • Save time and money – no longer need to write cheques or count cash
  • Personal Suits Me® account manager
  • Speed of opening accounts for your staff (30 seconds to submit details and 20 minutes to wait until the account is created)
  • Providing an additional benefit to your staff in the form of a e-money facility with a Mastercard® debit card and cashback rewards.

For a full list of benefits, visit our Business Benefits page for more information.

What areas do you work in?

Our head office is based in Knutsford, Cheshire, however, we partner with businesses all over the UK. Our Suits Me® account managers are always more than happy to visit you and your business wherever you are in the UK.

What do you need from us to set up with you?

To become a Suits Me® partner, we require the following;

  • Directors name
  • Company name
  • Company address
  • Contact details
  • Dated and signed agreement via DocuSign (sent via email)

What sectors do you work with?

We work with many businesses within various industries and sectors. From agriculture, to IT, warehousing to hospitality and more. For a full list, please visit our Partnerships page.

Where are you based?

Suits Me® are based in the beautiful town of Knutsford in Cheshire.

You are more than welcome to book an appointment to visit us and our team. Alternatively, our account managers are always more than happy to visit you wherever you are in the UK.

Who are Suits Me®?

Suits Me® are an alternative to traditional banking for the underbanked and unbanked. There are many people within the UK who cannot get access to a money facility, this is where we bridge the gap. Suits Me® believes in financial inclusion equality and that everybody should have the right to a solution.

Since launching in 2015, we have won 5 prestigious awards within the financial services.

We provide businesses with a free tool, our business portal, to help them to create Suits Me® accounts for their workers. The process takes seconds and the worker will receive their account number and sort code within 20 minutes. The worker will then receive instant access to their online money facility and mobile app and will receive their contactless Mastercard® debit card in the post within 3-5 working days.

Meet our Management Team

Who do Suits Me® partner with?

Suits Me® partner with employers and employment agencies to help them save time and money and to provide a better service to their employees, and in turn, help their employees to gain financial freedom.

We also partner with many companies to improve both our service and offering.

A full list of our partners can be found on Our Partnerships page.


How could Brexit affect my business?

We aren’t sure how Brexit will affect your business or anyone else’s business, no one knows at the moment. As businesses, we will all have to adapt to any changes that come our way.

How will Brexit affect Suits Me®?

With regards to our service offering to you and your business, Brexit won’t affect us or you. Our services provided will still stay the same.

We partner with thousands of companies within various sectors and industries in the UK and help thousands of people who are financially excluded to open an e-money account with Mastercard® debit card. Our customers vary from UK nationals with a poor credit history and / or currently bankruptinternational studentsexpatsUK touristsmigrant workers and more.

Don’t worry, we will still be here after Brexit.

Business Portal

Are there any benefits to the Suits Me® Business Portal?

  • No cost, it’s completely free to use
  • Save time and money – no longer need to write cheques
  • Speed of opening accounts for your staff (30 seconds to submit details and 20 minutes to wait until the account is created)
  • No longer need to turn away potentially excellent staff due to them not having a banking solution with account number and sort code
  • You’ll get a personal Suits Me® account manager.

Do you provide training of the Business Portal?

Yes, we provide full portal training to you and any of your staff that require the training. We can provide the portal training in a multitude of ways;

  • Visiting you
  • You can visit us at our offices
  • Over the phone
  • Via Skype (or using any other video calling software)

Does the portal come in different languages?

No, the business portal currently only comes in English.

How long does the portal training take?

The business portal is very simple and easy to use and therefore the training only takes 15 minutes to complete plus allowing for time for any questions along the way that you may have.

During the training we can even assist you in loading your employees onto the portal to get their accounts created.

How many users can we have on one portal?

You can have as many users as you want on the portal, though most tend to stick to 1-5 users depending on the company size.

We have already had our portal training, can we have training again?

Yes, that’s not a problem, we will provide as much training as you require. Some businesses require annual retraining as they only tend to use the portal once a year during their busy season.

What is the Business Portal?

The business portal isn’t scary and overwhelming as you may imagine it to be. It’s a very simple and easy to use tool.

If you are interested in taking a look at the business portal prior to becoming a Suits Me® partner. You are then under no obligation to use Suits Me® and we will not hard sell our partnership to you. We value any honest feedback. This is important to us as we use this to better our service and product offering to both our business partnerships and our customers (account holders).

Creating E-money Accounts for My Employees

Do I need Payroll Software?

No, once your workers have a Suits Me® account, you can pay them as you would if they had a traditional account.

How do I create a Suits Me® account for my staff?

To create a Suits Me® account for one of your staff members, simply;

  1. Login to the portal
  2. Fill out application form (which takes about 30 seconds to complete)
  3. Press submit.

We do the rest.
Your staff members account will be open within 10 minutes of submitting the form.

How long does it take for my staff to receive their account number and sort code?

Within 10 minutes of submitting your staff members details in your business portal, their Suits Me® account will be created.

Once created, your staff members account number and sort code will be visible within your business portal for your reference so you can now pay their wages into their account using these details. They will also receive a notification email with their account details and their next steps to take in order to set up their online money account and free mobile app.

Your staff members Suits Me® contactless Mastercard® Debit card will then arrive in the post within 3-5 working days.

What details do I need from my staff?

Nothing out of the ordinary, the details needed are all that you will already have when you employ your staff, for example;

  • Name
  • UK Address
  • Mobile number
  • Email address
  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality
  • One form of ID (Passport, Driving License or ID Card)

What happens if my staff don’t have a valid email address?

Due to PDS2 and the requirement for Secure Customer Authorisation, we require valid and individual mobile numbers and email addresses. Duplicates will not be accepted in the portal.

What if my workers don’t have a National Insurance Number?

That’s fine. We don’t need a National Insurance Number for their application to be processed or for their Suits Me® e-money account to be created.

Which of my workers are eligible for a Suits Me® account?

Providing your workers have the right to work in the UK, any of your workers are eligible for a Suits Me® account.

Your workers may be UK citizens with a poor credit historyexpatsinternational students or migrant workers from overseas, all of which are struggling to get a UK account.

At Suits Me® we believe in financial inclusion and that everyone should have the right to access a solution to manage their money.

Will my staff be credit checked?

No, we do not process credit checks on any of our customers.


How is Suits Me® GDPR compliant?

Suits Me® are fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Please read our Privacy Policy to find out more or alternatively please don’t hesitate to contact us should you wish to know more.

With regards to your staff members Suits Me® accounts, you will not have any access to them or their facilities or mobile apps. You will only receive your staff members account number and sort code. This is standard practice and procedure with any UK business for a new employee to provide the employer with their account number and sort code so that they are able to have their wages paid into their account.

What is GDPR

GDPR, is an acronym for the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 which is an EU law that was implemented 25th May 2018. The GDPR law was put in place to protect the data and privacy of an individual and produces a set of guidelines for the collection and processing of individuals personal information.


Is Suits Me® GLAA Accredited?

Unfortunately, financial solutions cannot become accredited with the GLAA. This isn’t to say that the GLAA don’t approve of financial solutions, it’s simply not within their sector. According to the GLAA website;

‘Our licensing scheme regulates businesses who provide workers to the fresh produce supply chain and horticulture industry, to make sure they meet the employment standards required by law.’

What does Suits Me® do to uphold it’s practice within GLAA standards?

Although we cannot be accredited with the GLAA, as a business, we have the same beliefs, that vulnerable and exploited workers should be protected.

We have had the honour of a visit from the GLAA who have checked our practice and are happy with our processes and services provided. From this, we have a relationship with GLAA and are always more than happy to assist with any enquiries or investigations.

All of our staff are trained in Modern Day Slavery via ‘Stronger Together’.

What is the GLAA

The GLAA (often referred to as the GLA) is an acronym for Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority and formerly known as the Gangmasters Licencing Authority (GLA).

For more information about the GLAA, please visit the GLAA website: 

My Employee Accounts

Can my employees close their account when they want?

Yes, your employees easily close their Suits Me® account by contacting us via email or telephone and supplying the following details;

  • Account Number
  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Reason for closing the account

Phone: 0333 015 1858

Accounts are initially suspended for 7 days before they are then closed in-case there are any standing orders or direct debits that are due to come in or out of the account.

Do dormant accounts still require a monthly fee?

No, there are no fees taken while their account is in a dormant status and they can still receive funds onto their card.

Do I have access to my staff members accounts?

No. Absolutely not.

You don’t not have access to your workers Suits Me® accounts.

You are only provided with your workers account number and sort code. This isn’t untoward or a breach of GDPR, this information is requested by all employers in the UK who pay their staff wages into their account.

Do I have to look after my staff accounts?

No, don’t worry, you don’t look after your staff Suits Me® accounts, we do this.

All you manage is your business portal in order to create accounts as and when you gain new staff members that don’t have a banking account with an account number and sort code.

Our customer care team is multilingual and are available 7 days a week.

Phone, Email and Live Chat
Monday – Sunday 8:00am-8:00pm (Closed on UK Public Holidays)

Phone: 0333 015 1858 (Calls cost your standard network rate.)
Live Chat: Bottom right corner of our website

How can my staff contact you?

Our multilingual customer care team are available 7 days a week.

Phone, Email and Live Chat
Monday – Sunday 8:00am-8:00pm (Closed on UK Public Holidays)

Phone: 03330 151 858
(Calls cost your standard network rate.)

Live Chat: Bottom right corner of our website

How soon can my staff use their Suits Me® account?

Your staff can start using their Suits M e-money accounts straight away as soon as they receive their account number and sort code.

Is there a contract term for the card holder?

No, a person can have a Suits Me® account for whatever period they choose, should that be short term or long term. This is their decision and they won’t be penalised either way.

Some of our Staff are seasonal migrant workers and come back to us year on year. Do I need to open accounts for them every year?

No, employees can contact us when they are due to leave the UK to change the status of their Suits Me® account to ‘Dormant’. When they then arrive back to the UK, they can contact us to change the status of their account back to ‘active’ should they choose to. No further work is required from you.

Where can Suits Me® Debit Cards be Used?

The Suits Me® contactless debit card can be used in over 24 million places worldwide, in store, online or over the phone. The Suit Me card is a Mastercard® debit card and can be used wherever the Mastercard® logo is displayed. Visit our Suits Me® Debit Card page to read more.

Suits Me® Account Holder FAQs

Is there a list of FAQs for my workers?

For a full list of FAQs in relation to Suits Me® and the products and services we provide, Visit our customer FAQs page.