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Suits Me Debit Card

The Suits Me Visa Debit card is better than a prepaid card and can be used in over 24 million places worldwide, in-store, online or over the phone.

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Visa Debit Card

The Suits Me card is a Visa Debit Cards and can be used wherever you see the Visa logo.

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Instant Access to Your Money

Your Suits Me card lets your spend or withdraw your money safely and securely wherever you are in the world.

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Withdraw Cash Whenever, Wherever

The Suits Me Visa Debit Card can be used at any ATM or Cash Point that accepts Visa.

Suits Me Premium Plus customers get four free withdrawals each month, giving our customers easy access to withdraw money without the worry of additional costs.

Image of a Suits Me Visa Debit Card Being Used to Withdraw Cash at an ATM

Make Contactless Payments

Easy, fast and secure contactless card payments for purchases of £45 or less. There is no need to enter your PIN, simply tap your card on the card payment reader and wait for the transaction to be approved. Contactless card payments are a convenient alternative to cash and traditional Chip and PIN payments.

No need to carry cash
Won’t be left with a small change
No need to take more money out of your account than needed. The merchant will take the exact amount
Saves time (no need to insert your card and enter your PIN).
Use the contactless function on when making purchases on the high street, including shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, some public transport and wherever else you see the contactless payment logo.

Image of a Suits Me Visa Debit Card Being Used to Make a Contactless Payment

Pay with Your Phone

There’s no need for your physical card with this nifty feature! Link your card to Google Pay and pay safely and securely in-store and online with your phone.

Shop Instore

Shop anywhere on the high street with your Suits Me debit card where you see the Visa logo including shops, restaurants, cafes, bars and some public transport. The majority of shops accept Visa as a payment method.

To pay for goods or services on the High Street with your Suits Me card, simply insert your card into the payment device provided by the retailer, check the amount and enter your PIN. If the payment is for £45 or less you can use the contactless function on your card, simply wave or tap the card on the payment terminal, no PIN is required when using contactless payments.

Shop Online

Shop anywhere online with your Suits Me debit card where you see the Visa logo. The Visa logo is usually situated at the bottom of a website within the website footer. The majority of websites accept Visa as a payment method.

How to Pay Online Using a Card

Shop Over the Phone

Paying for goods and services over the phone with your Suits Me card is like using your card to pay online. Although, instead of filling out the payment forms yourself, someone else will do this for you.

How to Pay Over the Phone Using a Card

Exclusive Cashback Programme

A Suits Me account comes with monthly cashback benefits.

Save money when you use your Suits Me card in our partner retail stores or when you shop online. You will get cashback straight into your Suits Me account every month.

Some of our cashback partners include Argos, Asda, B&Q, Debenhams, Goldsmiths, Halfords, M&S, New Look, Pizza Express, Sainsbury’s and more.

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Block and Unblock Wherever, Whenever

Lost your card but think you may be able to find it? Kepp your account and money safe by blocking your card in the app or via your online banking. Found it? Great! Unblock using the app or online banking.

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