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What are the Main Advantages of Using a Debit Card Over Cash?

Advantages of Using a Debit Card Instead of Cash One of the main features of a debit card is the ability to withdraw cash from ATMs at any time of the day or night,…

Advantages of Using a Debit Card Instead of Cash

One of the main features of a debit card is the ability to withdraw cash from ATMs at any time of the day or night, but the rise in debit card use has also seen a sharp decline in the use of cash.

It seems that rather than using the debit card to acquire cash, customers are more and more bypassing the middleman and using the little piece of plastic to pay for goods and services.

A debit card is the now the most preferred method of payment in the UK today and it’s not difficult to see why. Using a debit card has many advantages over cold, hard cash.


If you lose a bundle of cash, the chances of getting it back are slim to zero, and that’s not just because it might fall into the hands of someone who decides to keep it for themselves. There is almost no way to trace lost cashback to its owner, so even if an honest person finds your notes, they may find it almost impossible to get them back to you.

A debit card will have your name on it and your bank account details. This means that a debit card can be easily returned to you. Also, when you discover you have lost your card, you can contact your bank or card issuer and have it stopped immediately. With lost cash, it could be spent before you even realise it is lost.

Payment Security Padlocks with Coding Behind it


Even if you have a wallet or a purse, you can sometimes find yourself stuffing bank notes into your pocket and pulling them out from here, there and everywhere when you want to pay for something. Then when you do pay for something with a £10 or £20 note, you can get handed a bunch of coins in your change which will then jingle and jangle around in your pocket.

With a debit card, you can pay for the exact amount and there’s no need to worry about getting loose change.

Contactless payments have made paying with a debit card even more advantageous over cash as you don’t need to root around in your pocket to find the small change you need to buy a coffee or a bar of chocolate. Lots of vending machines now take contactless payments too.


In many ways, you could argue that using cash is a better way to budget. If you restrict yourself to only taking a set amount out of the ATM at a time and only spend the money you have. However, there is a school of thought which says that a debit card is more effective way of budgeting. For example, if you take £20 out of an ATM to pay for something that is £15, you will have £5 of change in your pocket, which you are more likely to spend because you have it. However, if you use your debit card just to pay the £15, you won’t be tempted to spend more than that.

Suits Me® Debit Card

The Suits Me® debit card has many perks that using cash doesn’t have;

  • Cashback Rewards – All Suits Me® account holders receive exclusive access to our cashback reward programme. When you make a purchase from our cashback reward partners using your Suits Me® debit card, a percentage of the total amount gets added back into your Suits Me® account.
  • Security – if you lose your card, you can temporarily freeze the card using the mobile app or your Suits Me® online account
  • Ease of use – The Suits Me® debit card is both a chip and PIN card and has contactless technology too, making for a simple and easy to use method of payment so there’s no need to withdraw cash and have change jingling around in your wallet or pocket.
Suits Me® Mobile Banking App and Debit Card

A Suits Me® contactless Mastercard® debit card is provided free of charge to all of our account holders. Apply online today using our quick and simple online application form and have your account open within 15 minutes. Once your Suits Me® account is open, you’ll gain instant access to your online account to start managing your money. You’ll then receive your Suits Me® debit card in the post within 3-5 working days.

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