They are not just the best, something more!! I get some Soooo good customer service!! I'm very happy to have Suits Me card. Kind regards to Bulgarian employee Anna, amazing person!

— Кристиян Алексиев 12/04/19

We are here to make things simple

Suits Me believe you work hard for your money so we work hard to give you the customer service you deserve.


Apply now and create your account

Our simple three step process will have your account open within 30 minutes. There are no credit checks and all we need is a selfie and proof of ID. Once ID is validated, 99.8% of applicants are accepted with a UK address.


Use your account as you would a high street bank

Most of our customers use the Suits Me account as their main bank account, we offer all the features you need and more! Immediate access to your money and our VISA debit card can be used in 24 million places worldwide, online or over the phone.


Cashback rewards on your spending

When you use your Suits Me debit card in certain retailers you will receive cashback on your card every month.

Better than a prepaid card

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If you are looking for a hassle free alternative to a traditional bank account, you have come to the right place. You could be new to the UK, have a poor credit history, need to get out of the cycle of overdraft debt or simply want a better service from your bank.

Suits Me have been helping thousands of customers since 2015 and will transact over £150,000,000 this year for our customers. We know what good banking looks and feels like, which is why we have created an account and debit card offering you more.

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Transfer money abroad if you need to and use your card when you travel.

Many of our customers have found travelling with a Suits Me debit card to be a hassle free way to withdraw money and spend whilst abroad. If you have family living abroad, international transfers can be made online or through the App to any account across the world.

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Saving and Budgeting

Saving and budgeting couldn't be easier with a Suits Me account. You can put money aside with the Envelope facility, allowing you to save or ensure you budget for monthly outgoings such as utilities and mortgage or rent payments. These monthly payments can be taken from your designated envelope, ensuring you keep your funds separate to everyday spending. We also track your spending, enabling you each month to accurately identify where you can save and how much you need to budget.

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Our mobile app allows you to manage your finances seamlessly.

The Suits Me mobile app is available to download, making it even easier to manage your finances wherever you are. The app offers all the services you need and is compatible with both Android and iOS.

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Suits Me provide a best in class customer service.

Regular updates about your account are sent directly to you, a feature our customers value. We can send you a text when money has been deposited into your account and you can talk to us anytime from any place. Our dedicated customer service team will assist you via email, live chat, Facebook or by phone - you choose!

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