Suits Me - Banking Made Easy

Open your account online in minutes with three simple steps. There are no credit checks and all we need is a selfie and proof of ID. Once your ID is validated, 99.8% of applicants are accepted with a UK address.


Complete the application form, entering your details including mobile number and email address. Please Note: There are no credit checks when applying for and opening any of our accounts

Verify your Identity

You will be redirected to our ID verification partner Hooyu who will verify your identity to set up your account. Follow the instructions to take a selfie and a photo of your passport or identity card. (You will also receive an email and text with a link to complete your identity checks at a later date should you not have your documents with you at the time you apply)


Your Suits Me account has now been created. You will receive an email from us confirming your account details and instructions to set up your online banking account and mobile banking app. Your contactless Visa debit card will arrive within 3-5 working days

Better than a Prepaid Card

With a contactless Visa debit card, access to an online banking account and a free mobile banking app to manage your money, Suits Me is so much more than a prepaid card.

Mobile phone displaying Suits Me app

Hassle Free Banking

If you are looking for a hassle free alternative to a traditional bank account, you have come to the right place. You could be new to the UK, are an expat moving back to the UK, have a poor credit history, recently bankrupt, need to get out of the cycle of overdraft debt or simply want a better service from your bank.

Suits Me have been helping thousands of customers since 2015 and will transact over £150,000,000 this year for our customers. We know what good banking looks and feels like, which is why we have created an e-money current account and debit card with an online banking facility and free mobile banking app offering lots of features to easily and efficiently manage your finances.

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Open a UK E-Money Current Account in Minutes

Apply online and open a Suits Me e-money current account within Minutes.

There are no credit checks with any of our accounts. Once opened, you will gain instant access to your account number, sort code, online banking account and free mobile banking app to manage your money. Once you have opened an account with Suits Me, your contactless Visa debit card will arrive in the post within 3-5 working days.

mobile phone displaying Suits Me app

Free Mobile Banking App

Our mobile banking app allows you to manage your finances seamlessly when on the go, making it even easier to manage your finances wherever you are. The app offers all the banking services you need including setting up standing orders and direct debits and making bank transfers.

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Bank Transfers

Transferring money from your Suits Me E-Money current account to any other bank account within the UK, international or worldwide, is quick and easy and can be done using your online banking facility or Suits Me mobile banking app. To make a bank transfer with your Suits me account, all you need is the account number and sort code of the account that you wish to transfer money to.

Many of our customers have found travelling with a Suits Me debit card to be a hassle free way to withdraw money and spend whilst abroad.

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Saving and Budgeting

Saving and budgeting couldn't be easier with a Suits Me e-money current account. You can put money aside with the saving and budgeting Envelope facility, allowing you to save or ensure you budget for monthly outgoings such as utilities and mortgage or rent payments. These monthly payments can be taken from your designated envelope, ensuring you keep your funds separate to everyday spending.

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Providing a Best in Class Customer Service

At Suits Me our customer care team work hard to provide a best in class customer service and can assist you via email, phone, live chat or Facebook chat.

Regular updates about your Suits Me e-money current account are sent directly to you, a feature our customers value and we can also send you a text message when money has been deposited into your account.

Open Your Account Today

Receive your Debit Card in 3-5 working days - No Credit Checks required!