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Open your Suits Me account today online or in app and start managing your money, your way.

Get your free contactless Mastercard® debit card in 3-5 working days.

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Open your Suits Me account today online or in app and start managing your money, your way.

Get your free contactless Mastercard® debit card in 3-5 working days.

Open your account
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Made Easy

We make it easy to take control of your finances, whatever your lifestyle. It takes just 10 minutes to set up your account and you get instant access to online and mobile banking.

  • No credit checks
  • Exclusive cashback rewards & partner deals
  • No hidden fees

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It’s easy to open a
Suits Me account

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Choose an account to open

Let’s figure out the best account for you


Just 10 Mins and a selfie to open your account

All we need is your completed application and your ID to get you up and running

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3 Ways to manage your finances

A free contactless Mastercard® debit card and access to online and mobile banking

Your money
your way

with the Suits Me App
or online account

Manage your account in the way that suits you and your lifestyle. Whether that’s at home on your computer, sat on the sofa with your laptop or on the go with your mobile.

  • Standing orders & direct debits
  • UK & International transfers
  • Wages & Benefits paid in
  • Check your balance in real-time
Suits Me App

More than just a personal money account

With Suits Me it’s easy to manage your money, whatever your lifestyle.

Easy to Save

Save money on
your bills

Easy to Earn

Shop and earn with
cashback partners

Easy to Pay

UK + International payments
and transfers

It’s easy to be a savvy
shopper with exclusive
access to the best partner
deals and cashback offers

Get access to our exclusive partner deals. Shop and earn with your Suits Me card. In-store, online or over the phone you can earn cashback rewards, with no limit.

View partner deals and cashback offers

We speak your language

We’ve got a multi-lingual customer care team

Your own dedicated Customer Account Manager

We’re here to make sure you can manage your money whatever your lifestyle.

A dedicated Customer Account Manager

So you have someone who understands your account and your needs

Here for you

Available 8-6pm Monday to Friday on email, phone and live chat

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The Award-Winning Personal Account

BBA Winners 2021: Best Customer Focus

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