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A safe, easy, and cost-effective payment solution

The simple and easy current account for your employees and users. With Suits Me, you can ensure your employees and clients are paid safely and securely into a current account that is set up in their own name. Once their ID has been validated, 100% of applicants are accepted.

Free, quick, and easy to set up an employee account

A guaranteed current account for over 18’s who live in the UK and pass our security checks. Partnering with Suits Me is completely free and won’t cost your business a penny.

Quick access to sort code & account number

In just 20 minutes, from submitting the registration form, customers can begin managing their finances and will receive their free Mastercard® debit card in 3-5 days.

Multilingual customer support

We’re here for your employees and customers by providing account support in 9 different languages.

No hidden fees

We’re fully transparent with you and our account holders. Partnering with Suits Me is completely free and won’t cost your business a penny.

It’s easy for your clients & employees
to open up a Suits Me account

Suits Me Debit Card 1

10 Mins and a selfie to open an account

Simply fill in a membership form within the employer portal where you’ll receive their sort code and account number to instantly add to your payroll.

Suits Me Debit Card 2

3 ways to manage their finances

Your employees and clients will have access to a contactless debit card and online and mobile banking to stay in control of their finances.

Our Industry Expertise


Our free payment solution is designed to address the rising demand for clinical services, and the shortage of healthcare professionals.

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doctor working in the healthcare industry


We believe that by ensuring your workers have access to secure, modern banking, we can collectively help to combat the abuse, that can so easily go unnoticed within the agriculture industry.

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worker picking agricultural crops

Debt Practitioners

Here at Suits Me we can help you to further support your clients by offering them a complete banking solution when their existent bank account is required to close.

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Debt management and IVA practitioner


Partnering with Suits Me can give you access to more talented, but underbanked labourers from the UK and overseas.

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construction worker holding a yellow hard hat


We open the doors to a wider pool of warehouse operatives, gives you an efficient way of safely and securely paying your temporary and permanent staff.

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man working in a warehouse wearing a hi-vis jacket


With increased expectations from customers and regulators to uphold high standards within hospitality, we take care of your staff payment needs, so you can focus on your customers.

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waitress cleaning tables

Access to the Suits Me employer portal

Free access

There’s zero cost to your business when becoming a Suits Me partner.

Easy to open accounts

Our portal makes it easy to quickly set up new accounts.

Supporting your employees and clients

We take the stress away from you by supporting account holders with our multilingual customer care team.

Directly pay wages

Forget the counting cash or writing checks – a simple bank transfer from your business account will ensure your employees are paid securely.

A dedicated customer care team

Experienced customer service agents are ready to answer your employee’s or client’s account queries by phone, email in English, Romanian, Bulgarian, Polish, Spanish, and Russian.

A committed customer account manager

Our customer account managers are here to support you and your business, whenever you need us.

Here to help your employees and clients

We’re available 8-6pm Monday to Friday, over email and phone, to support your employees and clients with any account queries.

Pay in your wages for free

Employees can receive their salary and benefits straight into their Suits Me Account. Once an account number and sort code have been set up, money can be paid directly into their account for free.

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Support your clients on their financial journey

Suits Me can help you achieve a much smoother onboarding process for getting accounts set up quickly and securely with as little work from your side as possible.

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black background with person holding mobile phone using the Suits Me mobile banking app

Safe and secure with Suits Me

Fully encrypted online banking accounts and site-wide HTTPS with an SSL

PINS are retrieved either through the secure mobile banking app or automated IVR line

Suits Me App is accessed via a 5 digit mPIN or biometric fingerprint technology

Easy to block your card or report as lost or stolen using the mobile App

Money made easy

Account holders can manage their account in a way that suits them and their lifestyle – whether they’re at home on their computer or on the go with their mobile. It’s easy for your employees or clients to pay bills, friends, and family in seconds via online banking or mobile app and shop in millions of locations worldwide with our Mastercard prepaid card.

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Financially inclusive banking

Unlike traditional banks, we don’t offer arranged overdrafts or credit cards. In other words, account holders can only spend what they have. This can be good if they’ve struggled with managing money in the past or want to stay in control of their finances and lead a debt-free lifestyle. We don’t carry our credit checks or ask for poor of address which helps to prevent financial exclusion.

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Cashback rewards and exclusive discounts

It’s easy to offer your employees additional benefits with exclusive access to the best cashback rewards and discounts. Our account holders can shop and earn with their Suits Me card, in-store, online or over the phone, saving them money.

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