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The simple and easy current account for your employees Ensure your workers are paid safely and securely into a current account that is set up in their own name. Once ID is validated 100% of applicants are accepted with a UK address.

Free, quick and easy to set up an employee account

A guaranteed account if over 18, live in the UK and pass our security checks

Quick access to sort code & account number

Just 20 minutes from submitting the registration form and your employees will get their free Visa debit card in 3-5 days

Multi-lingual information brochures

Available in 9 different languages so employees know what they are signing up to

No hidden fees

We’re fully transparent so there are no extra costs

It’s easy to open up a
Suits Me account


10 Mins and a selfie to open an account

Simply fill in a membership form within the employer portal


3 ways to manage their finances

Employees will have access to a contactless debit card and online and mobile banking

Access to the Suits Me employer portal

We’re here to make your life easier

Free access

No cost to becoming a Suits Me partner

Easy to open accounts

A place where you can quickly set up employee accounts

Multi-lingual information brochures

Access the Suits Me brochures and create your own welcome pack for new employees

Pay wages straight into employee accounts

No need to keep cash on your premises or pay in cheque. Use simple bank transfers with online banking.

We speak their language

We’ve got a multi-lingual customer care team who speak Romanian, Polish, Bulgarian, Russian, Slovakian and Spanish

A dedicated customer service team

We’re here to make sure your employees can manage their money

A dedicated customer account manager

Someone who understands their account and their needs

Here to help your employees

Available 8-6pm Monday to Friday on email, phone and live chat


Pay in your wages and benefits for free

Employees can recieve their salary and benefits
straight into their Suits Me Account.
Once an account number and sort code have been set up, money can be paid directly into their account for free.

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Safe and secure with Suits Me

Fully encrypted online banking accounts and site-wide HTTPS with an SSL

PINS are retrieved either through the secure mobile banking app or automated IVR line

Suits Me App is accessed via a 5 digit mPIN or biometric fingerprint technology

Easy to block your card or report as lost or stolen using the mobile App

Easy UK & International payments

Easy for your workers to pay bills, friends and family in seconds. Transfering money from a Suits Me account to any other bank account within the UK, international or worldwide is quick and easy and can be done with the Suits Me App or online banking account.

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It’s easy to offer your employees additional benefits with exclusive access to the best partner deals and cashback offers

Get access to our exclusive partner deals. Shop and earn with your Suits Me card. In-store, online or over the phone you can earn cashback rewards, with no limit.

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The Award-winning Current Account

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Financial Term of the Week | What is a #Loan? 💸

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It's incredibly easy to open an account with Suits Me, you can learn more about it here: https://bit.ly/3xUET6R

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