About Us

Suits Me® is an alternative to banking offering an e-account with mobile app and a contactless Mastercard® debit card.

Suits Me® have created an award-winning e-account and debit card solution with a cashback reward scheme when you use your debit card in certain retailers. Suits Me® started in 2015 helping customers who needed an account quickly and are looking for an alternative to using a high street bank. Many of our customers do not fit the profile of a typical high street bank customer but want all the features the accounts have to offer, such as a contactless debit card, a mobile app, setting direct debits and managing savings effectively.

Our customers vary in their needs, you could be new to the UK, want to get out of the cycle of overdraft debt, want something different to a prepaid card account or simply want a great service and a great product to assist you with your banking needs.

Everything you need to manage your finances can be done online or through the Suits Me® mobile app. We have a team of customer support agents who are happy to assist you via phone, email, live chat or Facebook.

We have an online portal where you can manage your finances 24 hours a day, anywhere! We have received a number of awards for our product and continue to strive in delivering excellent service.

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Useful Information

Please Note: Suits Me® is not a bank.  Suits Me® offers online money accounts that offer many of the features that you would expect to find in a traditional bank account.