How to Add Money to Your Account

Adding Money to your Suits Me® Account

Adding money into your Suits Me® account is quick and easy and can be done in three simple ways, including wages/salary, cash top-up or transfer.

Wages / Salary

You can have your wages/salary from your job paid straight into your Suits Me® account. Simply provide your employer with your account number and sort code and they will then pay your wages straight into your account on your payday.

Cash Top Up with Paypoint

Paypoint has over 28,000 locations across the UK within high street convenience stores and off-licences.

To add money to your Suits Me® account by visiting a PayPoint location in the UK, take your Suits Me® debit card and money and ask for the money to be put onto your card.

A cash top-up usually reaches your account instantly.

Please note: there is a fee for this service. Please visit our costs page to view all costs and fees.


Transfer money from another account into your Suits Me® account using your account number and sort code.

UK Transfer

To have money transferred from another UK account into your Suits Me® account, simply provide the sender of the money with your Suits Me® account number and sort-code.

A UK transfer will usually reach your account instantly but can take up to three hours, depending on the account you’re sending the funds from.


Where can I find my account number and sort-code?

Your account number and sort code can be found in multiple places that are easy to access. The account number is 8 digits long and the sort-code is 6 digits long.

  • ‘Important: Your Suits Me® account details’ email (an email we sent to you when you created your Suits Me® account)
  • Online money account (by clicking ‘More’ on the navigation tab at the top of the Online portal home page and then clicking ‘Account Details’ under the ‘Options’ Section)
  • Mobile app (by clicking ‘More’ on the navigation tab at the bottom of the app and then clicking ‘Account Details’ under the ‘Profile’ Section)
  • Suits Me® debit card (positioned on the back of your card under the expiry date)

How do I activate my debit card?

Don’t forget to activate your debit card so that you use it to pay for goods and services on the high street and online when you have money in your account. Activating your account can be done in a couple of quick and easy ways. Please visit our How to activate your card page for a step-by-step process.

Can I bank a cheque with my Suits Me® account?

Unfortunately, Suits Me® is currently unavailable to accept cheques at the moment.