How to set up online banking

Once you have opened a Suits Me account, you will receive an email from us prompting you to set up your online banking. Setting up your online banking account is quick and easy and will only take a few minutes.

What you will need to setup your online banking

To setup your Suits Me online banking account you will need;

  • The ‘💻 Complete Online Banking Setup’ email that we sent you when you opened your Suits Me account (Within this email is a link to login to your online banking.)
  • The card letter that you receive in the post with your Suits Me Mastercard®

To help you to setup your online banking, we have created the below how-to video and step-by-step process.

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1. Access your ‘💻 Complete Online Banking Setup’ email (pictured here) that you received when opening your account with us

2. Download the new Suits Me app using the buttons in the email or by searching in the app store. Alternatively, you can login via the website on a desktop device. The steps will be the same on a desktop device but the imagery will look slightly different.

Complete your Online Banking Setup Email

3. On the login page on the website or in the app, type the ‘username’ and ‘temporary password’ from the email and your date of birth (please be aware that if these are copied a space may be generated after the details which will lead to a failed attempt to set up the online banking)

4. Click ‘Submit’

Online Banking login screen with username entered

5. The app/website will now request the ‘Mobile and Online Banking Activation Code’ which can be found on the same letter that was attached to you Suits Me Card

6. Enter the ‘Mobile and Online Banking Activation Code’ and click ‘Confirm’

Online banking activation code

7. Once completed, create a ‘Secure Password’, this needs to be at least 10 characters, with at least 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase and 1 number

8. Re-enter this password in the ‘Confirm Password’ box below and click ‘Confirm’

Create Secure Password

9. Set a passcode which is a 4-digit passcode for quick access next time you log in to your online banking account and click ‘Confirm’

Set a passcode for access to your online banking

10. Set 3 security questions and answers and click ‘Confirm’

Set 3 security questions and answers

11. Set a 5-digit quick access code and click ‘Confirm’

Set a quick access code

12. Click ‘Activate Biometrics’ to enable quick access to your account next time you log in or ‘Activate later’ if you would like to do this at a later date

Activate biometrics

13. Congratulations, your Suits Me online banking account is now setup and ready for you to start managing your money and finances. Visit our Online Banking page for an overview of your Suits Me online banking account and it’s features and functions.

Home screen view once activated
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You can download our free app below, to get access to your Suits Me online banking:

Need Help?

If you need any further help setting up your online banking account, please don’t hesitate to contact our multilingual customer care team.

Phone: 03330 151 858


Help! I Haven’t Received the ‘💻 Complete Online Banking Setup’ Email

Please check through all of your email folders, including your spam or junk folder, as this email could have made its way into another folder other than your ‘inbox’.

If you still can’t find the email, please contact our dedicated multilingual customer care team;

Phone: 03330 151 858

The Link in the Email isn’t Working

If you are experiencing problems when clicking on the link, please login here.

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