Infographic About the Breakdown of Spending on Payday Across the UK

Payday Millionaires

The average UK consumer spends £132 on payday, but these payday millionaires take it to a new extreme…

6 days ago

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Image of a calculator with the words help instead of numbers - surrounded by piggybanks. Financial difficulties concept.

Can You Build Your Credit Score Using a Prepaid Debit Card?

It’s not always easy keeping on top of your credit score with so many factors that can have an impact. Find out how a prepaid debit card can help your score stay on track!

1 week ago

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Image of grocery shopping bag on the floor with fresh produce and groceries inside

How to Reduce Spending on Your Weekly Grocery Shop

Discover how to reduce spending on your weekly grocery shop by making a few small changes to your shopping habits.

2 weeks ago

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Birds eye view of a woman holding an Empty pink purse on a pink table. No money until payday concept.

What to do if You’re Running Out of Money Before Payday?

When you’re running out of money, payday always feels like it’s ages away.
Find out what to do next if you’re low on funds and payday is NOT just around the corner.

3 weeks ago

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Woman in a White Coat, Dancing in the Rain Because She's Started a Rainy Day Fund to Achieve Financial Wellness

So, You’ve Started a Rainy Day Fund, Now What?

So, you’re well on your way to achieving financial wellness by building a rainy day fund. But what’s the next step you should take?

3 weeks ago

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Mobile phone on a desk being charged with a woman's hand reaching for the phone to log into their mobile banking app

How Can Mobile Banking Help You Stop Spending Money?

Can a Mobile Banking App help you to stop spending money?
Yes! They can, read below to discover how.

4 weeks ago

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Picture of a laptop keyboard with a padlock and debit card which represents the banking security when banking online or via a mobile

Is Mobile Banking Safer than Online Banking?

Whether you choose mobile banking or online banking, you can be confident that your bank has invested in the security of these services.

1 month ago

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Young man in cafe using his mobile phone to check his checking account balance

Checking Account vs Current Account: What’s The Difference?

These accounts are almost identical in nature, but there are some subtle differences that you’ll discover below.

1 month ago

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Euro Coins in a Toy Cash Register. Representing the Difficulties of Opening a UK Bank Account as a Non-Resident

The Troubles with Opening a UK Bank Account for a Non-Resident

If you’re a non-resident in the UK, opening an account to manage your finances can be tricky – discover some of the issues and alternatives available so you can successfully manage your money.

1 month ago

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