Prepaid cards are payment cards that aren’t linked to a bank account. They are usually basic top up and go payment cards that can be loaded with money at a Post Office or PayPoint store.

Prepaid cards can be used to purchased goods and services online, on the high street and over the phone.

Is Suits Me a Prepaid Card?

Although Suits Me can sometimes fall into the prepaid cards category, technically no, it’s not just a prepaid card…it’s more! So much more!

What’s the Difference between Suits Me and a Prepaid Card

A Suits Me account is much more than a basic prepaid card. Not only will you receive a contactless Visa debit card, as a Suits Me account holder, you will also gain access to an online portal and free mobile banking app to manage your finances.

Once you have opened an account with us, you will gain access to a multitude of banking features including;

  • Current Account
  • Mobile App
  • Debit Card
  • Bank Transfers
  • Direct Debits
  • Standing Orders
  • Adding Funds
  • Saving and Budgeting
  • Google Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • Cashback Rewards

Each feature of the Suits Me current account can also be managed within the Free Suits Me Mobile Banking App.

Many prepaid cards have an initial setup cost, the Suits Me account, mobile banking app and Visa debit card are completely free to set up with no delivery charges.

What’s the Difference between Suits Me and a Traditional Bank Account

There are two differences between a Suits Me account and a traditional bank account;

  1. No high street presence.

Suits Me is an online banking solution that comes with a current account and a contactless Visa debit card. The management of your account is via access to an online banking portal or using our free mobile banking app. 

    2. No credit facility (overdraft and / or credit card). 

Suits Me doesn’t currently offer credit in the way of a separate credit card or overdraft facility within the Suits Me account and debit card.

Why Suits Me?

We are a happy midway point between a prepaid card and a bank account. Suits Me is perfect for those needing a banking solution but are looking for more than a basic top up and go prepaid card.

Suits Me offers an alternative banking solution to many individuals including;

  • Migrant workers
  • Poor Credit History
  • Bankrupt
  • International student
  • UK tourist
  • Expats

For many reasons, sometimes individuals struggle to get a bank account with a traditional high street bank and become financially excluded. At Suits Me we believe in equality and financial inclusion and that anyone should be able to have access to a banking solution. We aim to provide the underbanked and unbanked access to fair and transparent banking solutions and financial services.

Suits Me account holders gain additional benefits, including cashback rewards. With our cashback rewards, you gain a percentage of your purchase back with our partners when using the Suits Me Visa Debit Card to make payment. Some of our partners include; Asda, Sainsburys, Argos, Bella Italia, Debenhams, Halfords, Pizza Express and Yo! Sushi. A full list of all our partners is displayed within your online back account and Suits Me mobile banking app when you create an account with us.

We have a caring multilingual Customer Care Team who are available 7 days a week and can be contacted using any of the below details;

Live Chat: Positioned to the bottom right corner of our website
Facebook: Chat

No credit checks and 99.8% of all applications accepted within minutes of applying, makes Suits Me the ideal alternative banking solution for the unbanked and underbanked.

Struggling to open a Bank Account? Looking for something more than a prepaid card?

We can help, open a Suits Me current account in minutes and receive your current account number and sort code today.

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