Banking for Everyone

Not having access to personal banking when living in the UK can prove difficult with everyday tasks such as getting a job, getting paid, paying for rent, utility bills, travel, mobile phone payments and more.

Traditional UK banks make it very difficult for many people to get a bank account and as such, there are still many that are unbanked or underbanked and excluded from mainstream banking.

Banking for Everyone

At Suits Me®, we believe that everyone should have access to a banking solution and financial services to be paid a wage, benefits or credits and to manage their money and finances safely and securely.

Financial Inclusion

There are still many people in the UK and around the world that are financially excluded and cannot get access to a bank account due to the invisible barriers from the traditional banking system.

Suits Me® Customers

We eliminate as many banking and language barriers as possible and as such, we have a diverse range of customers and cater to their individual needs.

Migrant Workers

Moving to the UK as a Migrant Worker can be stressful enough without having to worry about how to get paid or how to pay for goods and services while in a different country to their own.

High Street banks make it very difficult for Migrant workers to open a bank account. Especially if they are only staying in the UK for a few months.

We have eliminated these invisible banking barriers and as such, migrant workers can open a Suits Me® account in minutes.

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Poor Credit History

Having a poor credit history and/or a low credit score can mean you are instantly turned away from UK banks. Some banks will offer you a basic bank account which is exactly that. As such, many find themselves without access to any banking and financial services to be able to manage their money safely and securely.

We don’t require any credit checks to open a Suits Me® account.

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Being declared bankrupt automatically affects your personal banking. All of your bank accounts are instantly frozen and likely to result in your bank closing your bank account.

It can be a stressful struggle for those who are declared bankrupt to open a bank account with another bank.

Suits Me® is the perfect alternative to a regular bank and we don’t require any credit checks.

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International Students

International students moving to the UK to study often find it hard to get a bank account within the first three months as they are unable to provide three months proof of address of living in the UK.

Not having a bank account can affect your ability to be accepted for a part-time job while studying in the UK as an employer will have no means of paying wages safely and securely.

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UK nationals moving back to the UK can find it difficult to get a UK bank account with a traditional high street bank as they are unable to provide the documents required and requested.

At Suits Me®, we understand that a top priority is having access to financial services and as such, we eliminate the 3-month proof of address barrier.

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Freelancers and Self Employed

As UK banks prefer to have a minimum monthly amount depositing into your bank account each month, this requirement often doesn’t suit freelancers and the self-employed. This preference and in some cases, a requirement, effectively financially excludes those who chose to work as a freelancer or self-employed and as such will often find it difficult to open a mainstream bank account.

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No Proof of Address

It is the requirement of many UK high street banks to provide 3 months proof of address. There are many reasons why someone may not have proof of address, including a student, recently moved house, house sharing or living with parents, recently moved to the UK.

At Suits Me®, we don’t require the need for proof of address.

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