Sainsbury’s Cashback Rewards

4% cashback at Sainsbury’s

Want to save money on your weekly food shop? We have you covered! Shop in-store, online or over the phone with your Suits Me card at Sainsbury’s and earn money while you spend.

When you use your Suits Me debit card in store or online at Sainsbury’s, you will receive cashback into your Suits Me account.

Open Your Account

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About Cashback Rewards

The cashback amount is a percentage of what you have spent using your Suits Me debit card and is paid back into your Suits Me account.

According to Money Helper, the average household spends £63.70 on their weekly food shop. By switching to Suits Me and shopping at Sainsbury’s, you could save up to £11.04 on your weekly shop. This amount is sufficient to cover the monthly fee for a Premium Plus account. However, our cashback rewards are not restricted to this account; they are accessible with every account.

Buying your trainers, groceries, DIY supplies and bikes and eating out at our partner restaurants (to name a few) means you could be in profit when you open your Suits Me account.

For more information please review the cashback terms and conditions.

Step 3 - Card and app 1

Shop instore or online at one of our cashback partners

Go online or instore to one of our cashback partners and have a browse for what you would like to purchase.

Step 1 - 3 cards 2

Pay with your Suits Me card

You can only recieve the cashback when you pay with your Suits Me® card, so to ensure you recieve the cashback purchase any items with your Suits Me® card.

Essential step 3 3

Recieve your Cashback into your account

You will recieve your cashback into your account the follwing month after your purchase.