Managing your Online Money Account

How to manage your Suits Me® Account Online

You can take control of your money and personalise your Suits Me® account as soon as you’ve opened one.

After customising your account, it can help you keep to a budget, keep you notified about changes to your balance and manage your finances and payments with direct debits and standing orders so you can relax whilst staying in charge of your money.

We’ve put together a list of the online money account features and benefits so you can get most out of your account and let it do all the work for you.

Your Account

Keep track of your spending and export your statements from your online money account.

After logging in to your Suits Me® account you can view your latest transactions from the Home page. From here you can see a summary of your recent transactions with the most recent at the top.

You can export your statements from the More section in your account under Options and Export Statement where you can choose a desired date range.

Export Statement on Suits Me® online banking menu


As you would expect from any modern service, you can quickly set up and manage payments; including direct debits and standing orders from your online money account in the Payments section. 

You can easily set up for regular payments for things like bills, rent and other essentials will be automatically paid, giving you even less to worry about.

You can easily manage direct debits and set up standing orders from the Payments page.

Authorsing a Standing Order page

Set up Email, Push and SMS Notifications

If you want to know exactly when you’re nearing the end of your account’s balance, or whenever a large payment has been made using your debit card, we can send you automated notifications customised by you.

You can set up SMS text message notifications so you know exactly how your balance has changed after each transaction. This feature lets you know about changes to your account balance without even logging in or using your Suits Me® Mobile App.

Go to Communication Preferences in the More section page to set up your SMS notifications. In this section, you can also switch on push notifications to get notified when money leaves your account or a new payee is set up for example. Email notifications will ensure you are kept up to date with new features and exclusive discounts for Suits Me® account holders.

Communication Preferences in Online Banking

Update your Contact Details and find your Account Details

You can update your address and contact details straight from the online money account. If your address or phone number has changed since signing up with Suits Me® you need to make sure you update it so we can contact you with important account service updates or send you a new debit card if your previous one is lost, stolen or expired.

Through your online money account, it couldn’t be easier. Just go to your Profilein the More section and select Personal Detailsand from here you are able to update your phone number, email address and home address. From this section you can also access your Account Details where you can find your sort code and account number.

Account and Personal Details section in online banking


You can gain an overview of the fees associated with your account from the More section as well, the My Price Plan section shows the main costs for each account type. You can also easily upgrade your account in this section.

We are up-front about our fees and know that total transparency is essential to make you feel confident about your Suits Me® account. We make sure you know exactly how much you pay and why to give even more control of your money. You can view all fees associated with our accounts in our Terms and Conditions.

My Price Plan section of Online Banking

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