Reporting Suspicious Activity

If you think you’ve noticed anything strange with your account and don’t know the reason behind it, please get in touch with the Suits Me® customer care team as soon as possible. We can go through your account with you and see if we can get to the bottom of it.

Do you Suspect your Card Details are Being Used?

Only you should know the details of your card, but if you have a reason to believe it has been compromised, you should act straight away.

Temporarily Block your Card

As a Suits Me® customer, you can temporarily block your card if you think it’s lost or stolen in your online money account and the mobile app.

Cancel your Card & Order a New One

If after looking you can’t find your card or you’re convinced it’s been stolen, lost or someone is using its details, you can cancel the card by either calling or going through the app or website. You will be issued a new card which you will receive in 3-5 working days. There is a fee for replacing your debit card.

Think Your Online Money Account is Being Used?

The easiest way to keep your online money account safe is to do these two things:

  • Update your password regularly
  • Never share your One Time Passcodes (OTPs)

But if you’ve done these and you still think something strange is happening, call the Suits Me® customer care team immediately. We can temporarily freeze your account so no money can move in or out as we investigate what the issue is. You can also update your password and personal details at this moment to try and mitigate any security breaches.

As every case is different, we will work closely with you to find out what’s happening with your money and be in constant contact as we go through your options.

Double Check your Payments

We’ve all been there when we don’t recognise a payment, but after a few moments to think about it we eventually realise what it is. There’s a chance that’s happened this time around too.

A Known Company Might be Trading Under a Different Name

If you spot a name on your statement you don’t recognise, think about where you shopped, ate or drank that day. Smaller businesses such as independent cafes and shops might bank under the name of the owner. If you have a receipt from the business compare the dates of the transaction and the price, this should confirm that it was a legitimate purchase.

A Joint Account Holder has Made a Purchase

You can have more than one Mastercard® debit card linked to your Suits Me® e-money account if you have opted for this extra service. Double-check with whoever uses the second card to see if they made the purchase before you flag it up as suspicious.

A Free Trial has Expired

This is another common accident we all make, signing up for a free trial, deciding we don’t like it and forgetting to cancel it before the end of the trial period. Several subscription services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Credit Expert will start to charge you unless you actively cancel the plan, so if you notice you’ve been charged and didn’t want to be sure to cancel it before the next month’s payment is made.

Direct Debit Payments Leaving your Account

These can be for bills, rent, subscriptions, anything you set up a while ago and have since forgotten about. You can view a full list of direct debits after logging in to your Suits Me® account via your online money account or mobile app.


These can happen when a retailer has taken out a provisional amount of money from your account which they will later reimburse. The best example is a hotel, where they’ll ear-mark money for room service or laundry but give it back if you don’t use them.

Useful Information