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What is a debit card?

When you open a Suits Me® e-money account (like us!), you’ll be issued a debit card.

A debit card is a type of payment card that allows you to make purchases in-store, online or over the phone. Rather than relying on cash or cheques, money is taken from your account directly.

You can also withdraw cash and check your balance at ATMs using your PIN.

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Choose an account

Select your account type and complete the online application in 3 minutes.

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Load your account

Add money via transfer, wages or cash topup.

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Use Suits Me® everyday

Get cashback on your everyday shopping.

Suits Me® Account Features

Once you open your account you will have access to all of our amazing features:

Online banking app,

Opening a Suits Me® Account

Opening your Suits Me® e-money account is as easy at A-B-C.  You can either provide photo ID and a selfie or we accept lots of alternatives.

All you need to do is complete our application form, select your ID type and you will receive your account number and sort code in minutes. Your contactless debit card will arrive the next day.

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Open your account in less than 3 minutes today and receive your card in 3-5 days!