Struggling with debt and want a fresh start account?

Open your account in 3 minutes with no credit checks.

You can have instant access to a UK account with Mastercard® contactless card.

Open your account

Open your account in 3 minutes with no credit checks.

You can have instant access to a UK account with Mastercard® contactless card.

Open your account

Why do i need a fresh account?

It is important to open a new account when you are in debt for a variety of different reasons:

  • When you owe any money to your bank or building society, such as a loan they can take money from your account to pay or offset your debt to them.
  • Opening a safe account which has no debt associated to it, means that none of your money can be withdrawn without your permission, so you won’t miss any bills. Suits Me® is a safe account as we do not offer credit or an overdraft facility and debt collectors will not be able to see your account balance.
  • A new account can help with your credit score, for example if you pay all your Direct Debits on time your credit score will improve.
Open your account
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Why choose the Suits Me® e-money account?

Here are a few reasons why you should open a Suits Me® account today…

Instant access to a UK account

Get instant access to a UK account in minutes! No credit checks! Just 3 minutes to apply and set up your e-money account.

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Contactless Mastercard® debit card

Your contactless debit card allows you to use it anywhere you go, at no extra cost. Just search for the contactless symbol.

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Payments & Transfers

With your Suits Me® account, you will be able to receive and send payments to and from your account. International transfers are available via a partner in the Suits Me® app.

Use & Earn

Use your Suits Me® account and earn with exclusive cashback rewards & partner deals.

Multi-lingual support

We have a multi-lingual Customer Care team to assist you with your account, whenever, wherever you need help!

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Refer & Earn

Refer your friends to apply and use their Suits Me® card, and earn £50 per friend! No limit on the number of friends you refer.

Loved and trusted by over 130,000 customers

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Choose an account

Select your account type and complete the online application in 3 minutes.

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Load your account

Add money via transfer, wages or cash topup.

Save and spend with our cashback rewards as a pockit alternative 3

Use Suits Me® everyday

Get cashback on your everyday shopping.

What is a Suits Me® e-money account?

A Suits Me® e-money account is an account that keeps your money secure and allows you to manage your own finances 24/7 via your mobile app or online money account.

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Do you have just one e-money current account?

We have two different e-money current accounts you can choose from:

Visit our pricing page to view a complete list of our cost and charges for our account.

Essential Account

Will Suits Me® help my credit score?

Suits Me® do not offer any loans of overdraft facilities, however we can help you improve your credit score:

  • Set up Direct Debits to ensure that you never miss a payment.
  • You can set up Standing Orders to pay any debts or payments off.
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