Managing your money and spending in your Suits Me current account using our envelopes feature. 

Envelopes can be managed in both your Suits Me online banking facility and within your Suits Me mobile banking app.

The envelopes feature is a great tool to set money aside each month for regular monthly bills and payments, for example:

  • Rent
  • Mortgage
  • Council Tax
  • Loans
  • Petrol
  • Electric
  • Water
  • Insurance
  • Mobile Phone

The above examples have already been created into envelopes for your convenience and you can find these within your Suits Me account. The name of each envelope can easily be changed by clicking into each envelope, changing the 'Envelope Name' and then clicking 'Save'.

Separating your account balance into envelopes means that you won't accidentally spend the money that you need to set aside for bills.

Setting up Envelopes

Setting up your envelopes is quick and easy. For each envelope, you can select the date and the amount of money that you would like to be moved from your account to the chosen envelope each month.

Once you have set up your envelopes, money from your Suits Me current account will automatically be moved to your dedicated envelopes each month.

Money can be taken out of your envelopes and added back into your main current account section if required.

Suits Me Tip

Saving for a holiday? Or something special? Create an envelope to have a specific amount sent to that envelope each month. This sets aside money into that envelope so you don’t spend it.


Please note, the Suits Me envelopes facility isn’t a separate savings account with savings rates applied to it. It’s simply an envelope system to set aside and better manage your money so you don’t accidentally overspend.

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