A standing order is a regular fixed payment from your bank account or current account to another bank account or current account. These fixed payments can be to friends, family, organisations or to other banking accounts that you may have. You can cancel and amend a standing order as and when you like.

5 Facts About Standing Orders

Difference between a Direct Debit and a Standing Order

Direct Debit

A direct debit is controlled by the company that you authorise the direct debit with, however, they cannot amend it without informing you first. You can cancel a direct debit with your banking provider, however, you can’t amend payment amounts and scheduled payment dates. 

Standing Order

You have full control over a standing order that you set up, from scheduled payment dates to payment amounts within the standing order.

Setting up a Standing Order

Setting up a standing order with your Suits Me account is quick and easy and can be done with your online banking facility or using your Suits Me mobile banking app.

Standing Order Costs

Setting up a standing order is free for our Premium Plus account holders and £0.60 per standing order for Premium account holders. View our costs page to see all of our current account costs.

Open a Current Account in Minutes

Open a Suits Me account in minutes and have access to your online banking facility and mobile banking app to start managing your money and setting up standing orders.

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