How to Get a Bank Statement

A bank statement is a comprehensive list of your transactions made in the last month, breaking down exactly how money has moved in and out of your account.

You can access your monthly Suits Me® banking statement from your online banking account or your mobile banking app. You can also set up a monthly email so you’re reminded when your latest statement is available.

Where to Find Your Suits Me® Account Statement

You’ll find your latest statements on the More page of your online banking account , from there you can access your historical statements going back to the opening of your account.

The statements show all the transactions that have been made, including any purchases and bill payments being taken out as well as wages, payments and cashback rewards being put back in.

Suits me online banking more options

If you want to save a copy, you need to log in to your online banking and click the Export Statement. Here you will have to pick the particular date range, then click the submit button, which will download a pdf statement onto your device.

Suits Me® online banking showing how to export statement

Your statement will now be downloaded on your device for you to be able to view and print if you wish to do so.

Environmental Concerns

Suits Me® is an environmentally conscious company. Before printing out a statement, we ask you to think if you really need to. You can keep track of your budgets using your Suits Me® online banking account and mobile banking app where we’ll save all of your statements for you.

If a company or organisation has asked for a bank statement as a secondary proof of ID, ask them if they’ll accept a PDF before sending them a paper copy.

Useful Information