Suits Me® Money Makers

Do you want to earn additional hundreds, if not thousands of pounds?

Register to become a Suits Me® Money Maker today, the more you refer the more we transfer!

Not only will you earn money when you refer friends, but you also earn when they refer their friends to become a Suits Me® Money Maker.

Register your interest
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Register your interest today to start earning!

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Register your interest

Register your interest by pressing the link above.

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Training and Testing

Once you have been contacted, you will need to go through some easy and quick training, this is to ensure you understand what being a Suits Me® Money Maker is.

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Start Referring your Friends

You will recieve a unique link you can send to your friends and family, this means you can start earning!


You will earn commission when you start referring Suits Me® Money Makers!

Not only do you make money when you refer a Money Maker, you will earn more when they also refer!

To ensure you get the highest amount of commission possible, you need to sign up Money Makers rather than referring an individual to Suits Me®.

Tier 1: £30 per referral

Tier 2: £20 per referral

Tier 3: £10 per referral

Tier 4: £5 per referral

Tier 5: £0.50 per referral


Case Study

We have been testing our Money Makers programme for the last year and some of our account holders have had amazing results!

Karen Davis who is currently a Suits Me® Money Maker, has been able to pay for a holiday to Spain with her earnings!

Karen has referred:

4 people = £120

Who then referred 3 people each = £240

Who then referred 3 people each: £360

Who then referred 2 people each: £360

Meaning she has already earned £1,140 in her first 6 months!


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