Pricing and Limits Explained

Understanding your Suits Me® account pricing and limits

Suits Me® account limits

Depending on the Suits Me® account type you have Premium or Premium Plus, you’ll have different limits to consider. They can be daily, monthly or permanent and are in place to keep your account safe and secure against fraud.

Here’s a list of the limits so you can get to know your account even better.

Balance and account/card lifespan

The maximum balance of a Suits Me® account is £7,500 for Premium and £10,000 for Premium Plus and, if regularly used and updated, can be used indefinitely unless otherwise stated by Suits Me®.

Without regular use, your Suits Me® account will expire after 24 months (2 years) which is the expiry date of your Mastercard® debit card. We will renew your account and send you a new card if you continue to use your account at the end of your 2 years.

ATM limits

You can withdraw a maximum of £300 each day for Premium account holders and £500 for Premium Plus account holders, this is refreshed at midnight (London-time).

We add limits to ATM withdrawals to limit theft if both your card and PIN are stolen. If you notice any suspicious ATM usage, log into your online money account or mobile app to block your account immediately and contact our customer care team.


You can receive a maximum of £5,000 a day from the UK with your Suits Me® account. This is by the same Faster Payments, Next Day or CHAPS payments. The maximum balance you can have on the account is £7,500 (Premium account) or £10,000 (Premium Plus account).

You can send a maximum of £5,000 per transaction. International transfers are available through our partner in the Suits Me® app.

Costs and Limits FAQs

Can I increase my limits?

You cannot raise your account limits. Keeping limits in place on your account allows us to make all Suits Me® accounts are easy to open regardless of financial situation and address, as well as keeping your account secure from potential fraud.

Where can I find all limits and costs?

Transparency is key to trustworthy modern financial services, so all our fees are clearly laid out on our costs page.

Full costs can also be found after you log in to your online money account and your mobile app. If you’re looking for further information, our extensive help section will have the answer.

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