Suits Me® Pledge to Tackle Modern Slavery in 2021

Suits Me® have decided to take a stand against modern slavery across all areas of the business which can be seen in a number of impactful ways.

Image of a woman, with sadness in her eyes, behind a chain metal fence - representing being trapped within modern slavery and exploitation

Alternative Banking Solution, Suits Me®, is committed to tackling the systemic and widespread issue of modern slavery within the banking and finance industry. 

(Tuesday. 13th April 2021, Cheshire, UK) There are more than 40 million victims of modern slavery worldwide, with an estimated 100,000 living in the UK. Workers trapped in modern slavery will often have restricted access to their finances as a way for those exploiting them to remain in control.  

This is just one of the reasons Suits Me® have decided to take a stand against modern slavery across all areas of the business which can be seen in a number of impactful ways.  

“Doing everything we can to tackle modern slavery is instilled in our business practices and ethics and is a vital part of our social corporate responsibility,” explained Richard Lynch, Managing Director at Suits Me®.  

“Our focus on modern slavery prevention is also extended to our business partners, which enables them to ensure they’re offering their workers a safe workplace environment – free of exploitation. Not only does this help to achieve business goals, but also has a wider benefit for society.” 

Suits Me®’s dedicated account managers are given the training and resources to provide all business partners with the tools to ensure their workplace is compliant in modern slavery prevention. From meeting with business directors to supplying educational posters which inform employees on how to spot the signs of modern slavery.  

Suits Me®’s in-house sales representatives look closely at potential companies and run Know Your Business due diligence checks to ensure Suits Me® are not partnering with any companies who don’t take modern slavery seriously by following a zero-tolerance approach.  

Kim Roberts, Marketing and Communications Director said: “We chose to focus a lot of our marketing activities on providing useful resources around modern slavery to raise awareness surrounding this awful crime. We’ve pinpointed areas where, we as a company, can improve and are building a comprehensive roadmap to further expand our knowledge and share vital information around modern slavery.” 

From newsletters to social posts, Suits Me® work hard to ensure that the issue of modern slavery is highlighted across all of their marketing activities and by the end of March 2021 had two articles published in the trade Magazine, Horticulture Week, highlighting the issue of Modern Slavery in the agricultural industry.  

Additionally, Suits Me® have also created a Modern Slavery resource hub giving business partners a place to familiarise and educate themselves about the impact of modern slavery within the workplace.   

Useful modern slavery resources are also highlighted across the company’s blog, which covers a range of topics from spotting the signs of modern slavery, to understanding how the financial sector can be at the forefront of tackling this form of exploitation. These blog posts, plus additional support is also shared with all account holders and business partners via various email campaigns.  

Mardi Stretch, Head of Client Services, commented on the importance of staff training in the prevention of modern slavery, she said: “With all companies, you’re going to have vulnerable customers. If you put the time and effort into supporting these individuals by training staff, you are already taking great steps towards tackling modern slavery.” 

One of the ways Suits Me® protects their account holders is by having a multi-lingual customer care team who can speak to customers directly in their own language – rather than having to rely on a third party to translate for them. This helps to reduce the risk of an individual being ‘controlled’ by a Gangmaster.  

Additionally, highly trained Suits Me® customer care managers carry out welfare checks, via phone calls, to account holders who could be regarded as vulnerable for example, if there are unusually high numbers of people registered at the same address. These calls are to confirm all is well and ensure they have access to their own money without interference from anyone else.  

Looking towards the future, Suits Me® will continue to focus their businesses practices and social corporate responsibility around the prevention of modern slavery 

“If our resources can support a person or business affected by modern slavery, it will certainly be the highlight of 2021 for us all here at Suits Me®” concluded Richard Lynch, Managing Director. 

Notes to the Editor:   

Snapshot of an Average Suits Me® Account Holder  

  • 65% of account holders are male   
  • Average age: 25-34    
  • Nationality: English, Romanian, Bulgarian, and Polish     
  • Customer Values: Transparency, Honesty, Integrity, and Reliability    


Kim Roberts     
Marketing and Communications Director

About Suits Me®:      

Suits Me® are a hassle-free alternative to traditional banking, offering an account with access to online banking, a mobile banking app and a contactless debit card. Suits Me® was founded in 2015 to provide an account to customers who may have poor or no credit history, no proof of address, or struggle to open an account with a traditional bank.       

Currently operating in Cheshire, UK, Suits Me® gives people an alternative solution to a high street bank. Suits Me® do not perform credit checks and provides all their account holders with access to their exclusive cashback reward programme.       

For more information, go to or follow us @suitsmecard on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.   

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