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Suits Me is the alternative to traditional banking for employers or temporary recruitment agencies and their workers. The exclusive membership scheme gives all workers a VISA debit card with a selection of online banking facilities, as well as a whole host of added benefits.

Your Suits Me employer membership is easy to manage with no additional work required. No credit checks are needed, as all workers are guaranteed to be accepted with just a UK address and all support is efficiently handled by the team at Suits Me, allowing you to focus on your business.

Just as it should be.

We know that transparency and trust are key to offering the best service to the people you employ.

We understand that effective partnerships are the foundation for the most productive employees and provide the best return for agencies.

We believe that hard work should be rewarded which is why our members receive exclusive access to offers.

Your employer membership benefits include the following:

The hassle-free alternative to traditional banking

Membership with Suits Me saves the time, resource and administration costs of employing workers without bank accounts, resulting in continuous savings.

Incredible benefits for your business

No extra work

Your unique employer portal enables you to manage applications in a secure environment with no added administration.

No extra work

Your unique employer portal enables you to manage applications in a secure environment with no added administration.

Differentiate yourself

With on demand pay you can offer your employees the ability to access their wages prior to pay days.

At Suits Me, we are committed to providing genuine benefits for employee members too, including:

Visa debit card
Fully inclusive membership ensures guaranteed acceptance with a UK address.
24 million places worldwide
A VISA debit card that can be used in 24 million places worldwide, online or over the phone.
Cashback rewards
Exclusive access to cashback rewards with major high street retailers.
Immediate access to wages
Immediate access to wages and benefits accrued on demand.

The basic bank account alternative

More than a million people in the United Kingdom don’t have access to a bank account. This can be a big problem, particularly for people who are new to the UK. A lack of basic bank account access is a problem a large number of temporary workers can often face, affecting not just the workers themselves, but also their prospective employers and recruitment agencies that pay their wages.

To open a new bank account in the UK, there are two main documents that a person needs: a passport and a bank statement with a proof of address. For many people who can’t get a bank account, this causes a bit of a Catch-22 situation. They can’t get a bank statement to prove their address without a bank account and they can’t get a bank account without this proof of address. What’s more, many high street bank accounts use credit checks to qualify who is, and is not, eligible for their products.

Suits Me goes beyond what a basic bank account can offer and dispenses with the need for bureaucratic paperwork.

Suits Me offers a secure e-account, with 24/7 access, which allows wages to be loaded into the account - just like a normal bank account. In addition it includes a special 'envelope facility' allowing members to save money for different purposes. As part of the membership scheme Suits Me's VISA approved debit card can also be used in millions of places around the world and online. Our membership scheme includes online banking, cashback rewards and the opportunity of on-demand pay when cash advances are needed.

To apply for a Suits Me membership and VISA approved debit card, employees will need to contact their employer/temporary recruitment agency and provide details of a UK address. We will do the rest.

For employers, Suits Me has obvious benefits too. To ensure greater employee retention, employers can provide the security for workers that they will be able to get paid directly into an e-account. By providing workers with an alternative to basic bank accounts and offering them membership to Suits Me, employers or agencies can provide their workers with a VISA debit card that can be used worldwide, as well as online banking facilities and added benefits.