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7 ways to spend less on transport

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Business man using his car as transport to get to work

People are incredibly mobile creatures, and we tend to get around quite a bit. From international travel to the daily commute to work, we all use some form of public transport on a regular basis. In 2021, the transport sector showed a significant increase in terms of the cost of living in the UK. In fact, it was second only to the rising cost of housing.

While it’s obvious that we need to get to work, get the kids to school, travel, visit people and basically just get around while we run errands, we can take some steps to decrease what we spend on transport.

1. Cycle to work benefits

In a push to find transport options that are economical as well as being friendly to the environment, the government has been working with employers to get employees to cycle to work. Cycle Scheme offers an incentive of 25 – 39% off the cost of purchasing a new bike as well as some of the accessories. This is ideal for those who live close enough to their work to cycle and it means fewer cars on the road.

2. Don’t just rely on your vehicle

There are many ways to get to work without using your personal vehicle and every major city has a decent public transportation system. You can catch a bus, train, or head to the underground to get to and from work each day. If you must drive part of the way, at least use public transport to avoid the hassles and expenses of parking in the city. You can even park close to the river and catch a boat or ferry to get to the other side of the river as opposed to driving through most of the city to get to work.

3. Buy a monthly public transport pass

Buying a ticket every morning to get to work can get expensive and you need to queue up every morning to get your ticket. A monthly pass is not only cheaper, but you also don’t need to waste time every morning getting your ticket – we’re all busy people after all.

4. Share a taxi

Talk to your workmates to see who lives in your neighbourhood and share a taxi to and from work. The more people you can find to fill the taxi, the cheaper it will be for all of you.

5. Carpool

There are circumstances when driving to work is the only solution, but you can still keep your transport costs down by carpooling. You don’t even need to carpool with people from your company as you can ask around your neighbourhood to see who else works close to where you do. If only one of you has a car, you can always split the cost of fuel.

6. Early bird deals

Most airlines and train line companies offer cheap seats if you book early enough. If you know your travel plans months in advance, why not book early and take advantage of the cheaper seats? Also, keep an eye out for last-minute deals that airlines offer to fill empty seats just before the flight. You can save a lot more if you travel outside of peak seasons too.

7. Pound the pavement

How many times have you turned on the car just to go to the shop around the corner for a few grocery items? Instead of turning on the gas guzzler, put on some comfy shoes, grab a reusable shopping bag and go for a walk. Not only will you save on fuel, but you’ll do something positive for your health as well.

Saving on transportation costs can add up to significant savings over the course of a year so whenever possible, leave the car at home and find different ways to get around. You may even be able to save enough to travel to a nice destination for your next holiday.

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