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Does Bulk Buying Products Help You to Save Money?

Are you looking to save money on your groceries? Check out whether bulk buying products can help you to reduce your spending with our useful tips.

Happy Young Woman Bulk Buying Products for her Food Cupboard by Pouring Grains into a Reusable Container

Everyone loves a bargain, and quite often, some of the best bargains come with buying in bulk. There are definite benefits to bulk buying products, with the main one being that you can save some serious cash. Use your debit card to pay for your bulk purchases, as you’ll have a record of where you spent your money. There are some rules you need to follow if you’re going to make bulk buying work. 

Check The Use-By Dates

So, your favourite breakfast cereal is on sale and even more so if your buy multiple packages. The temptation to go out and stock up for the next six months should be approached with caution. Before you start loading the trolley with boxes of cereal, check the use-by dates. The last thing you want to do is come home and realise you need to use up a six-month supply of cereal in less than a month. It’s also worthwhile mentioning that you should check your storage space. If you live in cramped quarters, you don’t want to be surrounded by grocery items.

Check The Price Per Unit

Many people get conned by the 2-for-1 deals, and if you’re offered an entire case of a particular product for a “discounted price,” you should look at the number of units in the case and calculate the price per unit. In many cases, the savings per unit are minimal and sometimes non-existent. Before you commit to large quantities, make sure you compare the cost of a single unit to the cost of one that forms part of the bulk pack. 

Avoid Products You’re Not Familiar With

You may be a chocoholic, or there may be another product you’d love to try and is suddenly available at a heavily discounted price for bulk buying. It’s never a good idea to stock up on a product you’ve never tried. The last thing you need is 50-plus packets of something you don’t like. However, if this is the case – remember to donate your unwanted items to your local food bank to avoid food waste.

Skip The Perishables

The only thing you should be buying in bulk are products with a long shelf life. Think along the lines of pasta, rice, etc. Dairy products are a definite no-no, as are meat products unless you’re going to freeze them for a few months. Thinks like cereals, dried herbs, sugar, salt, pasta, and things like toilet paper or kitchen towels are the safer option. 

Use Coupons

Quite often, manufacturers will distribute coupons in the mail or have them posted in newspapers or online. These coupons can add up to some considerable savings and can often be used to make bulk purchases of the product. If you find coupons for products you like, use them. You should be actively seeking them if you plan on bulk buying certain products.

Don’t Try To Bulk Buy Everything In One Go

Many people have a dedicated storage space where they neatly organize their bulk purchases. While that’s all well and good, don’t try to fill every space in your storage in one shopping trip. It’s easy to overspend in the name of saving money by bulk buying, but the last thing you can afford is an entire stockpile of bulk items and no money to pay the bills. Ease yourself into bulk purchasing and only get those products with a long shelf life and, most importantly, will be used. If you find yourself throwing things out, you’re not really saving any money.

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