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It’s nice of you to drop by! You must have been referred here by one of our Suits Me® Money Makers!

You must be here to learn more about Suits Me® and our amazing Money Maker Scheme!

Our accounts are available to everyone living in the UK and over the age of 18, and we provide you with a e-money account with no credit checks. So if you want to manage your money, your way look no further!

Open Your Account

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What you need to do to start earning money!

To start earning like your friend who has referred you, you need to complete some easy steps:

  • Open a Suits Me® Premium or Premium Plus Account
  • Be a Suits Me® account holder for a month (two monthly management fees must be taken)
  • Start referring your friends and family to Suits Me® Money Makers
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Once you open your Suits Me® current account, you will have access to all our amazing features:

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Sucess Stories

We have been testing our Money Makers programme for the last year and some of our account holders have had amazing results!

Karen Davis who is currently a Suits Me® Money Maker, has been able to pay for a holiday to Spain with her earnings!

Karen has referred:

4 people = £180

Who then referred 3 people each = £240

Who then referred 3 people each: £360

Who then referred 2 people each: £360

Meaning she has already earned £1,140 in her first 6 months!

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