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With the Suits Me Personal Lifestyle Current Account you can gain access to our our exclusive cashback and partner deals and get help with saving your money, so you can spend it on the things you love.

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Get access to our exclusive partner deals. Shop and earn with your Suits Me card. In-store, online or over the phone you can earn cashback rewards, with no limit.

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It’s easy to save money
with Suits Me Envelopes

Put money aside with Suits Me Envelopes. Whether you want to focus on saving or budgeting your monthly outgoings like your rent or mortgage payments.

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It’s easy to save
money on your bills

Spread your payments and save money on your energy bills, phone bills and more with Direct Debits. Did you know Direct Debits take just a minute to set up, can save you money and offer an immediate money-back guarantee in the event of an error.

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Would you rather be given ONE MILLION POUND but never be able to travel abroad?
Would you rather be able to travel freely but on a small budget?

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Did you know that a prepaid card can help your credit score stay on track?!🎉

It’s not always easy keeping on top of your credit score with so many factors that can have an impact, check out our latest blog post to see how you can build your credit score using a prepaid debit card: https://bit.ly/3eJTMBp

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Financial Term of the Week | What is a #Loan? 💸

A set amount of money borrowed from an individual or company that must be repaid over a certain period of time, usually with interest and fees added.💰

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Have you been enjoying your freedom since restrictions have eased across England? We sure have!😝

We all need to make this summer one to remember, an experience day is a great way to discover unforgettable experiences!

Buy a Virgin Experience Day & get a huge 15% cashback when you pay using your Suits Me debit card 😁

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