Getting an account with bad credit can be hard, not with Suits Me.

Open your account in 3 minutes with no credit checks. You can have instant access to a UK account with Mastercard® contactless card.

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Suits Me are an alternative to a bank

Open your account in 3 minutes with no credit checks. You can have instant access to a UK account with Mastercard® contactless card.

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No one should be financially excluded and everyone should have access to a solution to manage their money.

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Suits Me® accounts for bad credit rating

At Suits Me® we understand how difficult it can be to not have a banking solution to manage your finances.

We are here to help and offer a full banking like solution to anyone who is in the UK, even if the individual has a poor credit rating.

Applying for a Suits Me® account is quick and easy, takes minutes and no credit checks are required so won’t harm your credit rating any further. 99.8% of all applications are approved and receive instant access to their online money account facility, account number and sort code.

Suits Me® Premium Plus card and Suits Me® app

Suits Me® account features

Once you open your account you will have access to all of our amazing features:

E-money account and Mastercard® debit card

Applying for a Suits Me® e-money account is quick and easy with no credit checks. Open a Suits Me® e-money account in minutes and receive instant access to your account number, sort code online banking functionality and free mobile app to start managing your finances.

Once you have opened your Suits Me® account you will receive your Mastercard® debit card in the post within 3-5 working days. 99.8% of all applications are accepted.

Banking with poor credit

Applying for a bank account with a poor credit history can be very frustrating as many high street banks won’t offer an account to individuals who have a poor credit history.

Financial inclusion

Access to a personal bank account is vital in today’s modern society.

Not having a banking solution can prove difficult with everyday tasks such as paying for rent, mortgage, utility bills, mobile phone payments, car finance and more.

Using cash to pay for services isn’t only time consuming but can also become more costly with some services adding an admin cost when not paying via bank transferstanding order or direct debit.

Many individuals with a poor credit rating are effectively financially excluded from many traditional high street banks as they don’t meet the credit rating requirements that are needed for a personal account.

At Suits Me® we believe in equality and financial inclusion and that anyone should be able to have access to a banking solution especially in today’s modern society. We aim to provide the underbanked and unbanked access to fair and transparent banking solutions and financial services, providing them with financial freedom.

About credit scores

What is a credit score?

Also known as a credit rating, a credit score is a number ranging from 0 – 999 that represents the creditworthiness of an individual and how likely they are to pay the credit back when borrowed. The higher the credit score, the higher the chances are at being accepted for credit and at the best rates possible.

Credit score values

(Taken from Experian)

0 – 560: Very Poor
561 – 720: Poor
721 – 880: Fair
881 – 960: Good
961 – 999: Excellent

Credit scores are very important and influence many daily factors including;

  • Opening a bank account
  • Getting a credit card
  • Renting a property
  • Financing a car
  • Mobile phone contracts
  • Applying for a bank loan

Free credit score check

There are many companies online who provide free credit checks including;

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