Current Account for Bankrupts

How Declaring Bankruptcy Affects your Personal Banking

Upon declaring bankruptcy, your bank account provider will usually freeze your account, even if you don’t currently have any debts with them in particular. Your bank account is frozen so various checks can be made, this can take up to a few days and will often result in your bank closing your bank account or allowing you to keep a very basic account with them. If your bank account gets closed, you’ll need to open a bank account with a different bank. Which can prove difficult?

Banking for Bankrupts

If you have recently become bankrupt, you may be in the position of having your personal bank account closed and need to apply for and open another with a different bank. Opening a new bank account with a high street bank can prove a little difficult and may result in being turned down by many.

Most high street banks won’t provide you with a bank account if you are an undischarged bankrupt. An individual will only become discharged from bankruptcy after twelve months.

Suits Me Current Account for Bankrupts

Suits Me provide an alternative banking solution to high street banking for individuals who have become bankrupt.

Applying for a Suits Me account is quick and easy, takes minutes and no credit checks are required so won’t harm your credit rating any further. 99.8% of all applications are approved and receive instant access to their online banking facility, account number and sort code.

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Suits Me Card and App

Suits Me Account Features

Once you have opened an account with us, you will gain access to a multitude of banking features including.

Each feature of the Suits Me e-money current account can also be managed within the free Suits Me mobile banking app.


Suits Me

Are you declared as bankrupt? Struggling to get a bank account, basic bank account or current account with a traditional high street bank?

We are here to help!

Current Account and Mastercard® Debit Card

Apply for an E-money Current Account with Suits Me and open your account in minutes with no credit checks.

Once you have opened your account you’ll be instantly provided with your account number and sort code and have access to your online banking facility and our free mobile banking app. Your Mastercard® debit card will arrive in the post within 3 – 5 working days. 99.8% of all applications are approved.

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