One of the main benefits of having a prepaid Suits Me Visa debit card is the money that you can earn back every time you use it in many high street stores or online.

Your card comes with exclusive access to cashback from some of the biggest names on the high street so when you are doing your weekly shop you can actually earn money.

Suits Me Cashback Benefits

You can use your Suits Me card in more than 20 million places worldwide. But how exactly does the cashback process work?  

Debit and credit card companies partner with large retailers in incentive schemes to keep customers shopping with them by making it advantageous to do so.

Once your pay has been loaded onto your debit card you can use it to buy goods and if that’s with one of our partner retailers a percentage of the amount you spend will be paid into your Suits Me account. This is automatic and you don’t have to do anything. A list of participating retailers are available for members on our website.

At the end of each month the team at Suits Me counts up all the money you have spent at our partner stores and works out the correct amount of cashback, you are owed. This is paid straight into your account. You can withdraw the money from an ATM, save it or spend it wherever you choose.

If you shop online you can sometimes save even more money. Most big high street names have lower prices on their websites and a Suits Me card works just the same online as in-store, racking up your cashback.

Suits Me rewards can be used on top of the discounts that stores offer their customers. If a product is on offer and you pay with your card you’ll save even more, but the cashback will be calculated on the price paid, not the original price.

Extra Suits Me Benefits

As a Suits Me member, as well as being able to unlock all the benefits that having a Visa debit card brings, including the ability to shop and pay for services online, you can also use our online envelope facility to put money aside for bills. All for a fee of just £9.97 a month.

To apply for a Suits Me membership and Visa debit card, temporary workers will need to contact their temporary recruitment agency and provide details of a UK address or apply

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