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What is Financial Abuse A simple guide by suits me

Financial Abuse?

When it comes to abuse, most people automatically think of verbal or physical violence rather than abuse relating to money and finances. However, a 2020 report by the domestic abuse charity, Refuge, revealed…

1 day ago

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a helpful guide on how to stay calm when stressed

A Helpful Guide on How to Stay Calm When Stressed

Discover some coping strategies to deal with stress in your life and stay calm!

2 months ago

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What is Boxing Day? bold text

Where Does the Term Boxing Day Come From?

It’s Boxing Day in the UK and we discuss where the name comes from and some typical UK traditions

4 months ago

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"Let's talk about safer gambling" in a light blue speech bubble. "Safer Gambling Week 13-19 November 23" in an orange speech bubble

Support and Guidance for Safer Gambling

In the lively world of UK gambling, the hunt for entertainment and potential winnings often takes centre stage. However, ensuring a responsible approach to gambling is key to a fulfilling and safe…

7 months ago

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My Vitamins

In our fast-paced modern world, it can be challenging to ensure we get all the essential nutrients our bodies need to function at their best. We will be exploring the top 10…

8 months ago

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Picture of letter squares spelling Mental Health

Debt and Mental Health

Debt has become a big part of modern life, affecting millions of people worldwide. While the financial impact of debt are well-known, its significant toll on mental health is often under stated….

1 year ago

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Women looing at a calculator with a shocked expression on her face due to money worries and financial anxiety

How to Worry Less About Money After Lockdown

Don’t let your money worries take control as we emerge out of lockdown, In this blog post, discover how to stay in control of your finances.

3 years ago

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Stress Awareness Month

3 years ago

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Say Connected and Keep in Touch

7 Top Tips for Working from Home

The current coronavirus pandemic has led to many people being suddenly forced to work from home. Where some will have experience of working from home, many others are having to learn very quickly who…

3 years ago

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