Plate with happy mothers day written on in chocolate

Mother’s Day Savings

Mums are simply the best, aren’t they? Cooking, cleaning, and picking you up every time you are down even if you have left home. So, it is important to make a fuss…

3 weeks ago

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a man creating an account online using his phone and his laptop

Open an Account Online

Everything You Need to Know about Opening an Account Online – The reasons why you need one, what you will need, what types of accounts and what is included. Accounts Online are…

4 weeks ago

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Woman using her basic bank account debit card.

No Credit Check Accounts

Everything You Need to Know about No Credit Check Bank Accounts – What they are, how to open and what is included. Basic Account versus Standard Account A Basic Account in its…

1 month ago

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Closed chained up and written on the floor

How likely will your bank account be closed without notice in the UK?

It’s becoming increasingly common for banks to block accounts without notice. In fact, according to a report by the BBC, nearly 700,000 bank and building society accounts were closed in the UK…

4 months ago

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Suits Me® Money Makers, two suits me cards with orange pound signs surrounding

Christmas On Us Competition!

Fancy winning £1000 towards Christmas? Suits Me® wants to help you fund Christmas festivities, so we have launched our Christmas on us competition, which is super easy to enter!

5 months ago

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Why OnlyFans Users Are Struggling to Open Accounts

OnlyFans is a popular social media platform that allows content creators to share photos, videos, and other residuals with paying fans. The site has seen a surge in popularity over the years,…

6 months ago

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Woman looking at her laptop screen stressed that her debit card account has been blocked

Why has my account been blocked? Your questions answered

Picture this, you have what shopping you need at the checkout, you are in a hurry to pay and get home but your account has been blocked.  Fuming, you leave the shopping…

8 months ago

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Image of Visa that an immigrant would use to get an account in the UK

Current accounts for UK immigrants

With “World Day against Trafficking in Persons” held on July 30th it’s a reminder to us all about the dreadful position some people have found themselves in. Living in appalling conditions and locked…

8 months ago

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Blue background with a picture of a head with a piece missing and a puzzle piece next to it to represent their mental health

5 quick money tips to help with your mental health

Having poor mental health can make managing your money harder, and worrying about money can worsen your mental health.  It is important to always have your money organised so you can feel…

9 months ago

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