What is an Expat

An Expat (Expatriate) is someone who has been living outside of their native country for any number of reasons, for example, work or retirement.

A large number of British Expats stay out of the UK for a certain period of time due to work commitments and plan to return back to the UK eventually. There are some British Expats that choose to never return to their native country (Country of Citizenship).

Moving Back to the UK

If you are an Expat considering moving back to the UK, there is a lot that needs to be considered, one top priority is a bank account.

Living without a bank account in the UK can be very tricky as it greatly affects everyday living. A personal banking account or current account is generally required to do anything in today’s modern society.

Banking for British Expats

Finding a banking solution if you are an Expat coming back to the UK can be challenging. Many high street banks require 3 months proof of address within the UK to open a bank account. Something that an Expat simply won’t have when they return back to the UK.

Living within the UK with no personal bank account or current account can prove difficult with everyday tasks such as paying for rent, utility bills, mobile phone payments, car finance and more.

Paying with cash for services doesn’t only take extra time but can also become costly with some services adding an admin cost when not paying via bank transfer, standing order or direct debit.

Financial Inclusion 

Many British ex-pats are effectively financially excluded from many traditional high street banks as they can’t meet the requirements needed to open a bank account.

At Suits Me, we believe in equality and financial inclusion and that anyone should be able to have access to a banking solution. We aim to provide the underbanked and unbanked access to fair and transparent banking solutions and financial services.

E-money Current Account for Expats

At Suits Me, we understand how difficult it can be to not have a banking solution to manage your finances. Especially when moving back to the UK is stressful enough. We are here to help, offering a full banking solution for all UK ex-pats and providing a stress-free experience in setting up a banking solution in the UK.

Applying for a Suits Me account is quick and easy, takes minutes and no credit checks are required. 99.8% of all applications are approved and receive instant access to their online banking facility, account number and sort code.

Once you have opened an account with us, you will gain access to a multitude of banking features including;

Each feature of the Suits Me e-money current account can also be managed within the free Suits Me mobile banking app. 

Suits Me

Are you an ex-pat moving back to the UK and struggling to open a bank account with a traditional high street bank?

We are here to help.  

E-money Current Account and Visa Debit Card

Apply for a Suits Me account today and open an e-money current account in minutes with no credit checks. Instantly receive your account number and sort code to start managing your finances with our online banking facility or free mobile banking app. Receive your free Visa debit card in the post within 3-5 working days. 99.8% of all applications are accepted.

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