Open a UK account without credit checks with Suits Me®

Unlimited cashback on purchases, fully featured app and a contactless Mastercard® all in 3 minutes.

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Unlimited cashback on purchases, fully featured app and a contactless Mastercard® all in 3 minutes.

Open your account

Bad Credit shouldn’t be a barrier to opening an account

For some, opening an account in the UK can prove extremely difficult, especially if you have poor credit, bad credit or no credit history. Suits Me® offer a personal e-money account with no credit checks, making us a great option if:

  • You’re struggling to get a account with a high street provider
  • You’ve had problems getting any other type of account
  • You have a poor or bad credit rating
  • You have no credit history
  • You’re currently going through IVA or Bankruptcy
  • You’re new to the UK

Open a UK e-money account with no credit checks

At Suits Me®, we understand that not having access to an account can prove stressful and can affect how you live your life.

Not having access to an account can potentially stop you from:

  • Getting a job
  • Accepting Universal Credit payments
  • Saving time by paying for bills using direct debits and standing orders
  • Being able to buy products and services online or over the phone

Why banks perform credit checks

Most UK banks perform credit checks which you are required to pass in order to open an account with them. This is usually a requirement from a bank as they offer their customers the option of an overdraft facility.

Alternative banking

Suits Me® is a UK alternative to a traditional high street account with a contactless Mastercard® debit card and amazing features including direct debits, standing orders, UK transfers (international are available through our partner in the Suits Me® app) and more. Suits Me is a fee-paying e-money account with a pre-paid debit card. It is not a bank account and is not covered by FSCS deposit protection. Further fee details can be found on our Pricing and Terms & Conditions pages.

Suits Me® accounts come with an online money account and a mobile app in order to safely and securely manage your money.

We strongly believe in financial inclusion and that everyone should have access to an account to be able to manage their money and finances. Especially in today’s modern society and digital living.

How to open an account without a credit check

Don’t worry  about your credit history, we are here to help!

Not only do we not perform credit checks on our customers, but we also don’t need a proof of address or a National Insurance number to open an account with us.

What do I need to open a Suits Me® account?

To open your Suits Me® account and receive your debit card, you’ll need to be 18 or over and have one of the following:

  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • National ID card
  • Alternative ID

Open your account today without any credit checks

Once you have complete the application form, your Suits Me® account will be open within 3 minutes. you’ll receive instant access to your account number and sort-code and online money account and mobile apps to be able to start managing your money and finances. Keep an eye out for your debit card, it will arrive in the post (to the address given when applying) within 3-5 working days.

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Does Suits Me® need to check my credit record and credit rating?

No, we don’t require any credit checks to be performed in order to open one of our UK current accounts.

Can I get an online money account without a credit check?

Yes, all Suits Me® accounts come with free online portal and we don’t perform any credit checks when opening an account with us.

Can I get an account with little or poor credit history?

Some UK banks offer basic accounts however, these often come with very limited access to features and functions. Suits Me® is an alternative solution with a full array of banking like features including online money account, direct debits, standing orders and transfers .

Suits Me® accounts are available to anyone currently residing in the UK and 18 or over. No credit checks are performed and we also don’t require proof of address or National Insurance Numbers.

Is Suits Me® a no credit check account?

Yes. To us, the health of your credit rating doesn’t matter. We don’t perform any credit checks when opening an account with us.

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