If you are a temporary worker or have come to the UK to work you may have been denied a bank account. If it’s because of a poor credit history then you may be wondering what alternatives are available to you.

Check your Credit Score

Your credit score could have been affected by missing payments on a credit card or loan, or perhaps if you have been in and out of employment or moved to address several times. You can check your credit score for free by searching online for credit checking companies.

Try Other High Street Banks

You could try another high street bank as not all institutions impose the same criteria regarding opening a new bank account.

They may offer you a basic bank account. That is, an account that allows you to pay in money and withdraw it but other facilities may not be available to you such as a debit card, a checkbook or the facility to make direct debits or standing orders.

Sometimes even a basic bank account will require a fee if you have a bad credit history and may even charge you each time you withdraw money.

Alternative to Traditional Banking

Suits Me

Having a Suits Me card can be a practical alternative to a traditional bank account and it also offers all its members a Visa debit card and special cashback offers in high street stores.