Debt Management and Your Credit Score

Person checking on laptop how long do defaults stay on credit file

How long does information remain on your credit record?

We discuss how long information remains on your credit score and what you can expect if you miss a payment.

1 month ago

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Debt Relief Order (DRO): How Do They Work?

Discover how a Debt Relief Order can help get your debts under control!

2 months ago

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Person checking their credit score on a laptop with blue border and text box that reads "how to check your credit score"

How to Check Your Credit Score (A Beginner’s Guide)

Learn how you can check your Credit Score and the factors you should look for with our helpful beginner’s guide.

3 months ago

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couple looking through their outstanding debts

Write off debt – is it actually possible?

It’s important to get advice on managing your debts, and when free from being in debt, learn how to manage your finances so you are in the future.

3 months ago

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Closed chained up and written on the floor

How Likely Is Your Bank Account To Be Closed Without Notice?

The likelihood of your bank account being closed without any warning is generally low. However, the rate of account closures is rising. Your bank account might be closed without notice if the…

4 months ago

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Does Opening a Bank Account Affect Your Credit Score?

Learn how to boost your credit score through your current account with our detailed guide

4 months ago

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Elevate Your Finances: Why Improving Your Credit Score in 2024 is Crucial

As we step into the promising realm of 2024, it’s a great time to reassess your financial goals and consider the impact of a strong credit score. Your score is more than…

5 months ago

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Man drawing a set of stairs as they only way is up after starting a debt management

New account for debt management plans

If you have made the decision to enter into a Debt Management plan, firstly congratulations.  You may feel like your debt is controlling you but choosing to enter a Debt Management plan…

2 years ago

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Woman speaking with a guarantor

Dealing with debt: What is a guarantor?

Here’s everything you need to know about how what’s expected of a guarantor

3 years ago

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